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It can't stop! All day is not enough to visit these attractions

2018-03-02 09:36:00

Modern people advocate fast pace, even travel to run a few destinations a day without breathing, eat, drink and play water beauty a lot. All the way up, sometimes fleeting can be indulged, and sometimes need to stop to stay in order to understand the taste. Today, Niu Sister will take you to see those scenic spots that are not enough for a whole day, time, you slow down, I haven't seen enough.




How amazing is the workmanship of nature? Maybe the Jungle Book will answer you perfectly. Ten Li Gallery hole, people's peach blossom, the achievement of "Journey to the West" legend, shape "Avatar" magic. Spring grass, autumn layers dyed, rain turned misty clouds, unpredictable, is the world or fairyland who can distinguish it? The charm, not a few words can be said, nor can you see all, one day is not enough, far from enough.


Disney Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Snow White, Cinderella, whose childhood has not had such a sweet dream? The world famous Disney has almost become a synonym for fairy-tale paradise, from the United States to Japan, Hong Kong and then to wherever they go, they can quickly capture a crowd of fans. Never go to the theme park, the dream romantic castle show, the endless fireworks party, this restless girl's heart has just been quiet, and there is wanton, Disney's dream machine is always full of power.


The Forbidden City in China, in, other places can not go, but the Forbidden City always want to see. In the middle of the majestic square, among the splendid palaces, see the most splendid and incomparable architecture in China. Imperial Palace, Cining Palace, listen to the ancient imperial palace quietly tell a long history. As the world's largest and most complete ancient wooden structure, the Imperial Palace is known as the world's five major palaces together with the Palace of Versailles in France, Buckingham Palace in the United Kingdom, the White House in the United States, and the Kremlin in Russia.


The Brahmaputra River is the highest river in China and the highest river in the world. When you first arrive at the Brahmaputra, you may marvel at its magnificence, but the later you go, the more you will find that it is actually just an appetizer. When you drive the car on the road, you will see the magnificent process from the stream to the river, the snow peak and the lake, the glacier flow, the cherry blossoms, the customs of the Tibetan area, one scene at a time, and the heart has never stopped being shocked.


If you want to find a park and Disney comparable, then Universal Studios must be no less, the halo of Hollywood makes Universal Studios become a pilgrimage site for filmmakers. The left side is the minions, the right side is Simpson, Transformers and the monster Shrek surrounded you, a familiar image is vivid in front of you, like being in the movie, but also like watching the birth of the movie witnesses. USA, Japan, Singapore,... No matter where Universal Studios is, it is worth spending more time to enjoy it.


There is a Hollywood in the United States that has written how many movie history legends, and there is a Hollywood in China, in the "first town", which has created how many Chinese film and television masterpieces Niu Mei let alone how many star crews have come here. There are 12 film and television shooting bases, eight scenic spots, and a number of cultural and educational pavilions such as Heng Exhibition Hall, Dongyang Talent Expo Hall, Dongyang Wood Carving Exhibition Hall, Yan Jici Memorial Hall, as well as a number of leisure and entertainment places such as resorts, cultural villages, and entertainment villages. Wansheng Food Street gathers the flavor of food from all over the world and China, come here must be careful, maybe at the table next to you is a celebrity.


Glass Beach For people who love to take photos, the sea beach is always an invincible battlefield, just concave shape can spend a whole day, fought Boracay Island, the pink beach in the Bahamas, etc., you have seen glass beach? Yeah, the whole beach is made up of colorful glass. Glass Beach is located in Fort Bragg, California, United States, the glass on the beach has silver green blue orange, and occasionally red glass, shining in the sun, beautiful. And you may find it hard to believe that such a beautiful place has served as a local garbage dump for nearly 20 years. Human power has turned it into a miracle, and it would be a shame not to come.


Movie and animation theme park For people who love movies and animation, to find a theme park is really to come to heaven. Play around the magical world with Harry Potter, feel the sincerity and beauty of the world of Miyazaki Hayao, help Conan solve crimes, accompany Chibi Maruko-chan to school, and take you through time together adventure, anime fans, if you only give you one day to come to the world of two Yuan, do you think it is enough?