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Local household registration but no real estate children how to go to school

2018-05-15 20:48:49

According to China's education policy, every child has the right to receive compulsory education, regardless of whether they own property. If you are a local resident but don't own a property, your child can still get a place through the following ways:


1. Public schools: Public schools are usually delimit according to the school district, you can consult the local or relevant schools to understand the district demarcation, and submit the application materials in accordance with the regulations.


2. Private schools: Private schools are schools approved by relevant departments and have a certain degree of autonomy. Check with your local private school about their admission policies and application requirements.


3. Schools for children of migrant workers in cities: Some cities have set up special schools for children of migrant workers. These schools accept children of migrant workers without any restrictions such as real estate. You can check with the relevant local authorities to find out if such a school exists and submit an application.


4. Studying in different places: If the school in your current place of residence is unable to accept your child, you may consider placing your child in a school in another area. It is important to note that there may be certain conditions that need to be met and the relevant application process followed.


In short, whether you own property or not, your children have the right to an education. You can consult your local education department or school for specific admission policies and application procedures, and they will give you more accurate guidance and help.