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LOL Fire man costume analysis

2018-03-16 12:48:00

In this game, there are many players do not understand the fire man dress, so today Xiaobian here to share a little of my experience, I hope to bring you help.


Go out: Dolan ring +2 red or corrosion agent, Dolan ring is a regular AP go out, and the corrosion potion is to match the passive effect of fire man, fire man passive can constantly refresh the passive effect of corrosion agent, the early blood exchange more money.


Medium outfit: wear shoes + small mask + ice staff, the core equipment of fire man is mask and ice staff, both equipment can provide a certain amount of blood, so that fire man is not easy to be seconds.


The suggestion is to play the ice pole first, so that the Fire man's skill hit rate will be higher (passive can constantly refresh the ice pole's slowing effect).


If it is not smooth, you can first out of the small mask, the small mask has a high cost performance, provides the legal wear effect and the synthesis is smooth and easy to transition, and then a legal wear shoes to improve the damage during the period. (The AP bonus of the Fire man skill is not high, so the French dress is more suitable for the Fire Man hero)


Late God dress: method wear shoes + big mask + ice staff + method wear stick + hat + hourglass, although it is very important to wear, but the method wear stick does not necessarily have to come out so quickly


If the group is often targeted, it is recommended to go out of the hourglass to protect yourself. Unless it's the opposite magic resistance that's forming too fast before the first pass


The hat is undoubtedly AP basically got, but the Pyro AP bonus is not particularly high, so you can also change the hat to Ludden's echo to increase the speed.