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lol Nunu assisted out equipment walkthrough

2018-01-08 20:48:00

First, skills. Passive: For every 5 Nunu attacks, the next spell will cost no mana. Q: Devour minions or wild monsters, restore their own health, W: increase the movement speed and attack speed of teammates, E: reduce the movement speed and attack speed, R: reduce the movement speed and attack speed, high damage, can be interrupted. Summoner flash and weakness, that's how it works. I mainly recommend: main E, W, a little Q has R plus R. (Q damage minions, increase health, an aid is not useful). Talent: After all, you have to resist and can't let the ADC die, so I recommend the defense talent master. Rune: Law wear and law strong essence, early can better consume opponents, blue I recommend back to blue, because you want to consume, your blue is certainly not enough. And the lower road generally does not have any high outbreak mage, so I recommend back to blue. Nunu play wild game and recommended costumes: Then is the actual combat, going out is definitely A 6-piece set, back blue, 2 eyes, 1 true eye, 2 blue (Q can return blood), you are an assistant is certainly not possible to go to A soldier, the most time is to use Q to supplement the blood amount, the best W has been on the ADC, E cool on the opposite side of the ADC, no blood on the Q soldier, this way of playing is really more rogue. And then going home, of course, is the salary sage's stone. Then the eye stone, followed by the crown, the big legion, the eye position is necessary to do a good job, it is best to have the real eye at any time, the wind can directly buy 400 to play the opposite eye, now talk about Nunu's big, relatively high damage, reduce the movement speed, reduce the attack speed, but it can be interrupted, silence and fly this control skill, not rush up directly in the group battle. You use E to consume your opponent, then you use R. Really play better Nu Nu is put R in the grass, when you do not have a vision, into the grass on the tragedy can not come out, auxiliary equipment is double resistance. Bad with light. In a word, E opponent,W opponent, a weakness takes the head