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Malu driving school test subject two test experience sharing

2018-03-02 00:00:00

Time: July 30, 2013 17:34:04 After a one-month training in a driving school, I went to Malu Driving School to participate in the subject II exam. On July 9, I took my first Subject II exam, and I was sadly shut down. Let me talk about the reasons for being shut down: the exam steps are like this, first test the library, and then test the path 8 items. Get in line, take the test, it was easy, passed. Then line up for trail 8. First, side parking. Wait for the car to drive out, I found that the left mirror above has a piece of rubber very affect the line of sight, do not know which person put it up, (it is estimated that his subconscious is to prevent reflection, see more clearly), and at this time for me, this piece of rubber very affect my line of sight, blocking the mirror above 1/3, how can not tune, also too late to tear off, also can not reach, Maybe I'm a little taller. Only hard scalp to come, the result really tragic happened, reversing the process, due to the rubber affect the line of sight, can not see the benchmark and other references, the result of the car butt out of the line, the computer voice report: "test failed", really sad. I'm gonna have to take the test again. I was ready to take the failed exit route, and suddenly thought, why not finish the rest of the route? Right is a simulation, so I follow the steps to finish the other content of the path, at this time the computer has no longer reported the exam content, because the exam has failed. Next, I went back to the starting point, tear down the evil rubber, by, the original is to go up, it is easy to tear off, I thought: rely, it is too dangerous, if not the whole off, test, go halfway down on the left rearview mirror above, is not it blocked the left rearview mirror, I once despised the adhesive people again. So I advise the students who are about to take the subject two exam, before getting on the car, be sure to pay attention to the condition of the car and the Angle of the rearview mirror, be sure to pay attention to adjust it, otherwise you will regret it! The next very smooth test completed the path 8, no deduction points, computer voice report: please go to prepare the pile test. At this time, I have in my mind the people who will make such rules, and sympathize with their ancestors. What broken rules, the pile test has passed, if the next path 8 items did not pass once, after the test path 8, the pile test again must be tested again, is not this a waste of time and energy? It's boring! I came to the pile test library examination room, the test began, this time is 11:00 noon, under the scorching sun, the stomach is also cooing, I began to pour the library. Pour storage requirements: 1 pour in from the left, 2 and then drive to the right, 3 pour in from the right, 4 and then drive to the left, the end, can not stop halfway, can not press the line. At this time, I have in mind the people who will make such rules, and I sympathize with their ancestors. What broken rules, in life, in a strange place who pour the library, a non-stop, directly into the library, can not press a little line. Unfortunately, I had a problem on step 3, the computer voice call, and stopped halfway. I'm clear. I didn't stop. The car was moving. And that was the end of my miserable first Subject II exam. The coach saw me dejected, know that there is no good result, casually asked, black face, do not speak, later learned that the day he took us 3 people exam, the results hung 2 people, his bonus is less, psychological of course not happy. After coming back in the evening, after looking up information on the Internet, I summarized the reasons for the failure of today's exam. 1. When taking the exam of Subject two, be sure to pay attention to the condition of the car, especially what is abnormal in the reflector; 2. When reversing the warehouse, try not to use the brake, in addition to the time of stopping and shifting, other times, the whole process uses the clutch to control the speed, the brake is very fast, although the car is moving, the computer will judge the halfway stop. Failure is the mother of success, sum up the reasons for failure, will not make the same mistake. Next, in the three weeks waiting for the make-up exam, I focused on the two points summarized last time, and in accordance with this requirement, I practiced driving twice, each time for an hour. So I waited until July 30 and went to the exam with full confidence, that is, today. Before the exam, eat half a piece of chocolate, refreshing, save the exam test to hunger! O(∩_∩)O~ is still the old step, first test pile dump warehouse, the result is the first dump warehouse, the direction is late, the body is out of the line. I started the meeting again, this time under the summary, stabilized the mood, know that this time to play some steering wheel in advance, and finally passed the pile test. At present, there is only one chance left, and I took the Path 8 exam with great care. The more you fear, the more you come. Results to the second project ramp fixed stop and start, at the start, the car stalled! What is this concept, turn off on the slope, if a little inattentive will slip the car, as a result, in the process of ignition, really slip the car, afraid of what to what, I stabilized the mood, slowly loose clutch slope, finally OK. I have deducted 20 points at this time, can not have any mistakes, next, I am very careful to go through the other projects, finally OK, passed, the evil subject two finally passed, the following can rest assured to prepare for the subject three. After a period of 2 months of learning and practicing car subject 2, I found that subject 2 has no skills, that is, practice more, summarize more, not afraid of making mistakes at ordinary times, afraid of not making mistakes at ordinary times, and the exam will make mistakes! There are problems, we must have a good psychological quality, do not panic, otherwise all the previous achievements will be wasted!