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Mauritius free tour prices

2018-03-01 20:48:00

People in Mauritius often say that Mark Twain said that God first created Mauritius and then created the Garden of Eden. Anyway, it's a quiet, beautiful, jumping country. Every imaginable color can be seen there in the most wonderful display, seven colors of mud, five colors of the sea, colorful houses, magical trees. As if living in the rainbow country, will gradually forget their original pale. It should be reminded that: 1. The color of the sea depends on the day, so the same beach, some students have good photos, some are general, and it is not PS reason. The quality of the beach depends on the recent wind and waves (sometimes the beach is dirty, the drinkers clean it up after cleaning, those white beaches are actually the result of manual cleaning, natural beaches are full of branches or something) 3. There is no need to go to these beaches, find a good beach, bring headphones, drinks and fruit, and enjoy the afternoon is king ~ Eastern Beach: The east of Mauritius has some of the best beaches on the island, you should not miss the east of Mauritius for accommodation ~ The East has the following 3 main beaches: Belle Mare: This beach can be considered the best on the island of Mauritius, the wine is generally good, there are coral reefs outside the water, so the water is relatively calm. Blue Bay: Because the water is a variety of blue, so called blue bay, but the weekend is crowded, nearby locals will come to leisure Ile aux Cerfs Island: Deer Island is one of Mauritius' most important day trips, and everyone comes here for a day out, but if you live in Belle Mare, there's less of a need to make the trip