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My health experience Miscellaneous: [1] The nutritional value of various vegetables

2018-04-28 19:12:05

We have the word health since a very early time, and the earliest health can be traced back to the earliest prehistoric times. Our ancient ancestors had a lot of insights and scientific knowledge about the health and maintenance of the body, especially in our country, the research on diet and diet therapy is much deeper, which is not as long as our history in many countries.


The topic of diet and food health is very popular in our country, many friends start their own diet and health after watching TV programs or some experts' comments, many friends even do not eat vegetables or only eat some dishes, these are misunderstandings. The real meaning of health is the balance of nutrition, and the balance of nutrition requires us to understand some of the necessary knowledge of vegetables and other foods, not blind imitation.


Many of us say that meat is not good, so we start to live a vegetarian life, in fact, this is a very wrong idea, meat is very important for our body, our ancestors in the early days because of the lack of developed intelligence, it is very difficult to find food, they will struggle many times to find a little meat, which can be seen that the importance of meat for us, We should not only eat vegetables, but also eat meat often and in moderation.


Health is actually a university question, now a lot of human mysteries scientists can not solve, there are a lot of specific methods of physical health, can not be sure it must be correct. There is no clear answer to the simple question of how much I eat healthily. So everyone for health is a kind of exploration rather than a conclusion.


The human body needs a lot of nutrition, the first is the need for water, we do not drink water that is absolutely not, we need to breathe air, we need to rest the body, these are necessary. When we carry out health care, we should also pay attention to these aspects, health care is a big topic, we can only say some aspects, but not a comprehensive narrative, which is also because of the complexity of health care.


Our experience this time is mainly about the impact of vegetables on health and what are the benefits of vegetables on the body, our writing purpose is to fully explain that vegetables should be eaten comprehensively, to eat healthy, can not be partial and overeating. Maintain a good mood to eat, to maintain a happy mood of life is the biggest factor in health. What kind of health problems we have can also directly HI me, I do my best to help you.