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N kinds of gameplay, which ones have you played?

2018-03-17 01:36:00

N kinds of gameplay, which ones have you played?


I have a kind of inexplicable complex, every time when I am in a bad mood, I will think of walking around, even if I do nothing, that is, sit on the chair on the side, I will feel comfortable and many, therefore, when there is a holiday, I will often run to hang out, so I have accumulated a lot of different ways to play. I don't know if you have the same experience as me?


Play one: Take a quick look. The first time I went was with the group, and the itinerary was in the hands of the tour guide, who led us from one scenic spot to the next without stopping, and finally was pulled to buy tea. Since then, I generally do not like to follow the group, there is no freedom, and the tour itinerary is fleeting like, not interesting.


Play two: self-service tour; Since I have been with the group once, I basically no longer with the group, I don't like such a rigid schedule, there is no autonomy, I personally advocate freewill, so I think it is more suitable for me, and I want to go there to go there, but also can visit the essence of each scenic spot.


Play three: around the lake; There were two trips around the lake, one on a double-decker bus (which seems to be gone now). Once is to take the battery car, the middle to the white embankment down to walk, to the long bridge park down to walk, this game feels very good, very easy.


Play four: bicycle tour; The last few times I like to ride a bike, because I am learning photography, riding a bike is the most convenient, see a good scene, stop to take a picture, corner can walk. The public bicycle system has been relatively perfect, many outlets, with borrowing everywhere, and not afraid to steal. Is to remember that more than an hour is to charge, in time to borrow again all free, ha ha... Uh ~~~ Actually can't remember at the moment, I don't know how we usually go to play it, is with the group tour or self-help tour? Or is there a better recommendation? We may as well communicate more, haha, so that next time you can try a game.

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