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New house decoration sequence and steps experience

2018-03-16 22:24:00

Rough house decoration, carpentry, latex paint, floor paint, other wood paint construction, the general order of construction is:


Third wall material


Decoration tool


The preliminary design is mainly designed according to their own living habits, and a detailed measurement of their own room, we do not be lazy, it is best to measure again, the content of the measurement mainly includes: clear the area involved in the decoration process. Especially tile area, wall paint area, wallpaper area, floor area; Identify the main wall dimensions. In particular, it is necessary to design the wall size of furniture in the future.


The main demolition and renovation has entered the construction stage, and the main demolition and renovation is the first project on the project, which mainly includes the demolition of walls, building walls, shoveling walls, dismantling heating, replacing plastic steel Windows and so on. To put it bluntly, the main demolition and reform is to put up the framework of the construction site first.


Before the hydropower road transformation, the main structure demolition and reform should be basically completed. In between the two links of water and power transformation and main body demolition, some students may know that the first measurement of the cabinet should also be carried out. In fact, the so-called first measurement of the cabinet does not have any actual content, because the wall and the floor are not processed, the cabinet designer can not give the specific design size, but only the developer reserved for the water nozzle, the location of the hood socket, put forward some relevant suggestions. Mainly includes: to see whether the location of the range hood socket affects the installation of the range hood in the future. See if the water meter is in the right position. See if the top water outlet is in a convenient position to install the sink later. For the first measurement of the cabinet, slightly experienced students can complete by themselves. After the completion of the waterway transformation, it is best to follow the waterproof of the bathroom. Kitchens don't usually need to be waterproof


Woodworking, bricklayers, oilers are the "three brothers" of the construction link, and the basic order of appearance is: wood - tile - oil. The basic rule is -- whoever gets dirty goes first. "Who is dirty who first" is also one of the basic principles for deciding the order of home improvement, which I will mention later. In fact, woodwork such as Bao Li, decorative ceiling, and gypsum line can also be considered as a fine link of the main body demolition and renovation in a sense, which does not conflict with the transformation of hydropower roads, and sometimes needs some cooperation


The process of tiling in the "bricklayer second" operation also involves the installation of the following three links: the installation of the door stone and the stone sill. The installation of the door stone can be completed together with the paving tile, or after the paving tile, the installation of the stone windowsill is generally done after the window cover, the installation of the stone workers will prepare glass glue, and the stone and the window cover are sealed with glass glue. Installation of floor drains. The floor drain is the first to appear in the home improvement hardware, because it is to be installed together with the floor tile. Therefore, when students start shopping for building materials, they should buy floor drains as early as possible. Installation of range hood. The range hood is the first home appliance to appear, and after the kitchen wall and floor tiles are paved, you can consider installing the range hood.


Wall painting mainly completes the wall base treatment, brush the surface paint, and paint the furniture for the "carpenter boss". Students who are ready to paste wallpaper only need to let the "oil man third" do basic treatment on the wall where they plan to paste wallpaper. As for whether to leave the last paint, I personally feel that this issue does not need to be too serious, from my experience of decoration, the meaning of leaving a face paint is not very big, because the operation behind is no more dirty than painting.


Kitchen ceiling cabinet ceiling as the first installation link, or in the continuation of the "packaging" of the home. At the same time as the kitchen ceiling, the moisture-proof ceiling lights and exhaust fans (bath bullion) of the kitchen and bathroom should have been purchased. The students had better install the kitchen ceiling light and exhaust fan (bath bully) at the same time, or leave the thread and the opening.


Cabinet installation after the end of the ceiling, you can ask the cabinet door installation. With luck, it can be done in a day. At the same time, there is a sink (can not include the water supply and the gas stove) and the gas stove, the best coordination of the property before the installation of the cabinet, because the gas stove needs to be tested after installation.


The wooden doors were installed the day after the cabinets were installed, and after the wooden doors were measured more than a month ago, they are now ready for installation. If it is smooth, it is also a day's time to install the hinge, door lock and ground suction at the same time. Students should prepare relevant hardware in advance. Note: The production cycle of the wooden door is generally one month, so in order to make the construction period close, it is necessary to measure the size of the wooden door as soon as possible after the completion of the main demolition and renovation.


The floor installation can be installed on the second day of the wooden door installation, and if it is smooth, it is also a day's time. The floor installation needs to pay attention to the following problems: 1, before the floor installation, it is best to let the home survey whether the ground needs to be levelled or partially levelled, some decoration or renovation teams will suggest students to level the ground or partially levelled, based on the actual investigation of the floor home; 2, before the floor installation, the ground of the home paving floor should be cleaned, to ensure that the ground is dry, so do not use water during the cleaning process. 3, when the floor is installed, if there are conditions, the floor must be cut in the corridor. The forum also discussed this issue in the past, some students think that cutting the floor in the corridor to pollute the public area, immoral. My idea is to clean it up when we're done, no fuss. In the indoor cutting floor of the wall pollution is more serious, similar to the artificial surface of the cabinet cutting, I believe that the decoration of the students have many experiences.


The next day after the installation of the floor, the home is cleaned up, and you can arrange the wallpaper shop, if it is smooth, it is the same time of day. If possible, the day of the wallpaper, the floor should be protected; It doesn't matter if you can't, and it's no problem to give the wallpaper glue left on the floor to Pioneer cleaning. Before applying wallpaper, try to do "nothing" on the wall.


Students should have a detailed understanding or record of the number and location of switch sockets in each natural room at home, especially for wallpaper students, sometimes wallpaper workers are irresponsible, wallpaper hula is spread all of a sudden, he does not use the wallpaper knife to open holes in the location of your switch socket. Therefore, students still need to know what they know.


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