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One-click operation method in data processing

2018-05-15 16:00:33

Using a few tricks when working with data can greatly improve your productivity. Several one-click operations are described below.


EXCEL2007 or later

One-click extraction of non-duplicate values

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We select the data area and click "Advanced Filtering" under the Data toolbar. Then operate in the Advanced Filtering dialog box, check "Select unduplicated records" and OK. You can then see in column B that the non-duplicate values have been filtered out.

Delete empty cells in batches with one click

In the following picture, we need to delete the empty cell in the data area, because it is a column separation operation, it is troublesome to repeat the selection.


We can select the data area. Then use the combination of CTL and G keys to open the positioning conditions dialog box and click "Positioning Conditions", in which select "null value".


After clicking OK, you can see that all empty columns are selected. Right-click any position in the selection to select Delete, and select Delete the whole column.

Interlaced fill color with one click

First we select the data area, then use the CTRL/T shortcut to bring up the Create Table dialog and click OK.


Then you can see that the data has generated the interlaced fill color effect, which is very convenient and fast.

One click display formula

As shown in the figure below, column E is obtained by adding the data from the previous columns. We need to look at the specific formula. Simply place the mouse over any cell and use the CTRL and ~ shortcuts to display the formula details.

Matters needing attention

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