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Personal experience of investing and doing business with friends

2018-01-05 12:48:00

Elder people speak: doing business with friends, do not for a long time, the details of the inside and they don't talk! We always wonder why we can't do business with our friends. We ourselves feel that the relationship between friends is very good and strong, and we are sure to succeed, and we are sure to do half a job... Then I would like to share with you my personal experience and sentiment, I hope to be helpful to you, and help you find the doubts in your heart, that is, the "why" you want to ask.


There is no column of sharing content, I will write it here! Some time ago, with the opposition and do not understand the family (what to say, friends together, play can also, really do things together, it will not be done...) I and the other two brothers together to discuss contracting a canteen, because we are doing catering, I was born to do breakfast, the two brothers are masters of pasta, breakfast and dinner have me, Chinese food has them two, and there is no need to hire another master, so it is a good combination, each other are full of confidence in this business (everyone believes in a word, three strollers, Two heads are better than one). But the good things are a lot of grinding practice, on the fifth day of opening, a brother made unfair, I was a day, and materials, and declaration, etc., tired half dead, feet are running in pain, you do not know understanding people. In fact, both of us are busy in the dark, no one is idle, the first few days, nothing is wrong, it is normal, but he said so, a complaint, although everyone did not say anything, but each other's hearts planted the seeds of not understanding. Next, there was a disagreement over who invested more money and who invested less money (after all, it is not that no one has the ability to come up with the same money, and before investing, it was said that no profit and loss would make up for his money), and each other planted the seeds of this lack of understanding (at least I thought in my heart, so many years of brothers, we are not not giving you, but you have you first on the mat, But sometimes I feel that feelings belong to feelings, money belongs to money, after all, the brother gets more, and no longer cares about what (people should have a grateful heart). Next, when making important decisions, opinions can not reach a consensus, after all, people are different, the idea is not the same, this time will produce unpleasant, sometimes will be emotional, which will be a knife on the feelings of brothers. Another, that is, the power problem, although there are only a few employees below, three bosses above, may I ask if at the same time, two bosses let you do different things, as an employee who should you listen to? Heheh! These are the representative problems I have experienced in this cooperation, and the others are not to talk about! I hope that what I have said above can be useful to the brothers who work together to struggle, and I would like to talk about my thoughts and opinions on these issues, only for reference!

Matters needing attention

Brothers to work together, to find not nagging not haggling, can contain understanding and tolerance of each other brothers!


Brothers work together, don't always be afraid of their losses, to think more about the brothers, to know that they do a little more and think a little more, they will be a little easier, because they are your brothers!


Brothers work together, work without feelings, and talk about feelings without work.


Brothers work together, often get together after work, drink a little wine, talk about feelings, the unpleasant work may not pay to exist!


Brothers work together, which is a lot to see a person, but also a lot of exercise.