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Please note that there are dolls at home, finally put the children's song together!!

2018-01-08 14:24:00

Clap Song (1) You clap one, I clap one, a child on a plane. You take two, I take two. Two kids drop their handkerchiefs. You take three, I take three, three kids move the bricks. You take four, I take four, four kids write big words. You beat five, I beat five, five kids beating drums and gongs. You take six, I take six, six kids pick peas. You shoot seven, I shoot seven, seven kids in new clothes. You shoot eight, I shoot eight, eight kids eating watermelon. You take nine, I take nine, nine kids walking in unison. You take ten, I take ten, ten kids studying. Clap song (2) You clap one, I clap one, often take a bath to often change clothes. You take two, I take two. Wear a handkerchief every day. You beat three, I'll beat three. Don't spit anywhere. You beat four, I beat four, kill flies and mosquitoes. You take five, I take five. Get rid of bedbugs and rats. You take a six, I take a six, clean it up. You shoot seven, I'll shoot seven. Don't eat anything rotten. You take eight, I take eight, wash my face and brush my teeth every day. You take nine, I take nine. Wash your hands before and after eating. You take ten, I take ten, public health is maintained. Vinegar to buy cloth a grandfather his surname Gu, vinegar and buy cloth. Bought cloth, played vinegar, look back to see the eagle catch rabbit. Put down the cloth, put down the vinegar, and went after the eagle and the rabbit. The eagle flew, the rabbit ran, overturned vinegar, vinegar wet cloth. The air is so nice in the morning. Let's all do morning exercises. Stretch your arms, bend your waist, kick your legs, jump, exercise your body every day. Little handkerchief Little handkerchief, square, wear me every day. I like it when I wipe my nose and sweat. Carry the egg Little mouse, carry the egg, what if the egg is too big? A mouse lay on the ground and clung to a big egg. A mouse pulled its tail and pulled and pulled and pulled home. Baby bunny, baby bunny, open the door, don't open it, don't open it, I won't open it, Mom won't come back, who won't open it. Bunny, open the door, open it, open it, I'll open it, when mom comes back, I'll open the door. Little squirrel one two three four five, the tiger up the mountain, the tiger can not find, find the little squirrel. How many squirrels? Let me count them. Counting and counting. One, two, three, four, five. Find a friend, find a friend, find a good friend. Make a toast. Shake hands. You're my good friend. Small white rabbit small white rabbit, white and white, two ears up, love to eat radish love to eat vegetables, jumping really cute. Little mouse little mouse son, on the lampstand, steal oil to eat, get down, squeaky squeaky son called grandma, grandma refused to come, chirping and rolling down. Crooked moon Crooked moon little boat. A small boat with two pointed, I sit in the small boat, only see the shining stars, blue sky. Little stars twinkle twinkle twinkle, the sky is full of little stars, hanging in the sky, as if many small eyes number toad a toad a mouth, two eyes four legs, plopping into the water. Two toads, with two mouths, four eyes and eight legs, plop into the water. The bridge shakes and shakes, shakes and shakes, shakes to the bridge. Grandma called me a good baby, a bag of sugar, a bag of fruit, eat less taste, eat more taste less. Little bee little bee, hum, hum, fly west, fly east, carry pollen, gather nectar, we like it love labor.