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Previous students applying for master's degree need to pay attention to the problem.

2018-01-09 12:48:00

In the past, students took the postgraduate entrance examination generally due to work needs or their own promotion requirements to join the postgraduate examination. However, because there is no school, there will be no teachers and classmates to organize and help the arrangement of postgraduate examination, and the previous students and fresh students will be different in applying for and filling in the information. At this time, you need to fully understand the precautions of previous students before registering for graduate school, and I will make specific elaboration below:




Graduate student information network official website


First of all, go to the Postgraduate Entrance Examination information network to understand the relevant registration policy and time.


Before the Internet to register an account in the "postgraduate entrance examination information network", this account is the account you need to log in later and adjust the account, account and password is very important, must remember.


Then you need to understand the exam process, "postgraduate entrance examination information network has a very detailed application flow chart." In the postgraduate period, there are two stages, pre-registration and formal, you can log in to your registered account in the pre-registration stage, the information you fill in can be changed before the formal deadline, if not changed, the formal use of your pre-registration information. Remember the number after success, some of the payment is paid online, and the provinces that do not pay online will pay cash at the time of on-site confirmation.


Then is the on-site confirmation, the previous students in the confirmation information room do not fill in the previous students as equivalent education. In the past, if the account is not in your registration point, the unit should show proof of work, as long as it proves that you are working in the city you apply for, be sure to prepare in advance, because the time of on-site confirmation is only a few days, overdue will be disqualified, for safety reasons can be on-site confirmation on the first day to go.


Due to the large number of people and tight time, when you go as a former student, you need to bring the original graduation certificate and degree certificate and bring two copies respectively to avoid trouble.


During the exam, the room supply near the test site is very tight, and as the previous students did not book the room in bulk, they should go to the room as soon as the admission ticket comes out.