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Quick download of torrent files

2018-03-01 14:24:00

For every netizen, downloading movies and videos on the Internet is a common thing. However, some files are too large, so that you can download them in the form of seeds, download them first, and then download them with bt download software. We all know that the more people under the same bittorrent file, the faster the download. However, if you download very few torrent files, the download speed will be a few k per second. So what do we do? Someone said, open thunder membership to speed up the download, or add thunder offline download. But now, you can download offline without spending a penny, and the speed is phenomenal! How do you do that? Hey hey... Cloud web disk to help you keywords bt seed download web disk software cloud web disk steps/methods first download the software we use - cloud web disk (" cloud disk "can), download the windows version (we are generally using the computer to download files, of course, other terminals can also choose the corresponding version on the line), installation, open, login. A: What? No account? Don't tease me! After logging in, (huh? How is it Cloud House? Yes, cloud home is the cloud disk) We see the following interface click "offline download" drop-down triangle, "bt task" select the downloaded bt seeds before, click "save into the cloud" (mine is on the desktop, if not on the desktop, open the path where bt seeds are located) after a few seconds, bt seeds long pass successfully, prompt the following window, And click Start download appears as follows interface wait for a moment, try to refresh, you want to download the file has been stored in the form of a folder in the directory of your web disk next right click the corresponding file folder click "download" download to the local you need to download the file will stream to your computer. Speed well give power oh tips cloud can be free expansion 2T permanent free space you expanded?