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Razor purchase and maintenance tips

2018-04-22 22:24:11

The survey shows that: The average shaving time with a traditional manual razor is 10.5 minutes, while the average shaving time with an electric razor is only 3 minutes, so although the shaving effect of electric razors is not as good as that of manual razors, it is still recognized by everyone. Here is to share with you how to choose an electric razor, the details that should be paid attention to when choosing an electric razor, and the purchase method of an electric razor.


Brand choice: There are many electric shavers on the market, of which the price of foreign products is about 1.5- 3 times that of home. I want to tell you that the regular home in the production process of electric shaver has basically reached the level of the same level of products with foreign countries, the quality is also very pass, pay attention to practicality and cost-effective users do not need to buy foreign so-called "high-end products", the use of high-quality products is fully able to meet the needs.


Type selection: There are two most common types of electric shavers: rotary and omental. The advantages of rotary electric razor are smooth operation, low vibration, low noise, and because the rotary razor is the use of multi-layer blade rotation to shave the beard, so the stimulation of the skin is relatively small, but also more suitable for sensitive skin, shaving is easy to bleed people. The retina electric razor, although slightly larger vibration and noise during work, has a larger shaving area than the rotary razor and is more practical for people with rougher beards.


This page is based on experience


How to maintain the razor 1, after the use of the razor, be sure to disconnect the power first, be careful when disassembling, the razor blade is very sharp. Clean with a small brush and pay attention to the gaps where dead skin and beard shavings can easily hide. 2, remember that it is necessary to sweep more lightly, why do you say so, because the razor knife is thin, too much force is easy to cause deformation, if the deformation will hinder the inner knife rotation, there is the risk of cutting the skin. 3, men with allergic skin should pay attention to the use of razors, and men with acne or acne on the face are not suitable to use razors, because it is easy to cause infection. 4, do not use battery shaver for a long time must take out the battery, so as not to damage the parts due to battery leakage; Rechargeable shaver fully charged to unplug in time, charging time is too long will affect the life of the battery, and charging after too long time without, must be recharged after use.

Matters needing attention

If your skin is particularly sensitive, your face is red, itchy, allergic, or you have acne, you should suspend the use of the electric razor so as not to cause more pressure on the facial skin.