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2018-03-02 08:00:00

She, Shuimu Tsinghua, beautiful food; She is full of books and endless songs; She, shoulder to shoulder, bright lights; From an unknown small fishing village turned into a modern international metropolis. Not only the economy is developed, and the scenery is beautiful, Dapeng Peninsula is also a world-famous tourist resort, although it has been two and a half years to deep, but there are still a lot of landscape areas have not arrived, just recently have time to plan a deep tour. Big and small attractions except have been to and do not plan to go to, plan a three-day trip attractions; The red underline is the site that has been visited, and the green underline is the site in this plan.


Sea World/Happy Coast Sea World "was originally a luxury cruise ship built in France, formerly known as ANCEVELLER, Sea World is now composed of" Minghua Ship "and" Sea World Square "two parts. "Minghua Wheel" a total of 9 floors, construction area of 16,239 square meters, mainly engaged in wine, large theme bars, theme restaurants around the world; The "Sea World Square" is built by the unique exotic Western food bar area and the characteristic dining area that gathers various food cultures. With the representative music, dance, food, human customs and handicrafts from all over the world as the management carrier, it creates international customs, spreads international culture, builds international brands, and emphasizes the harmonious coexistence of people and the natural environment of "mountains and seas". See is the "Roman Western restaurant", the appearance is simple, but the decoration is very characteristic. I especially like the hanging POTS of flowers outside the wall.


From Sea World transfer to Mangrove Bay, opposite is the Pleasure Coast. Happy Coast gathers the wisdom of global masters, takes Marine culture as the theme, ecological environmental protection as the concept, innovative business as the main body, and creates a healthy urban life as the dream, pioneering the integration of theme business with seaside tourism, leisure and entertainment and cultural creativity, integrating retail, catering, entertainment, office, apartment, wine, wetland park and other diversified business forms. Form a unique new business model of business + entertainment + culture + tourism + ecology, truly realize the value combination of theme business, fashion entertainment, and healthy life, and promote the creation and development of China's theme business with practical actions.


Guanlan print village is far away from the city, the traffic is not convenient, so get up early to catch the subway, and then turn the bus to arrive. The original base of Guanlan Printmaking is rebuilt and expanded on the basis of the original guest village. It is located in Niuhu Community, Guanlan Street, the hometown of Chen Yanqiao, the pioneer of Chinese woodcutting movement, a famous printmaker and art theorist, with a total planning area of 1.4 million square meters, of which the area is 316,000 square meters. The printmaking village is integrated with the ancient Hakka village, and the Hakka cultural themes are integrated into the modern landscape elements. The establishment of a relatively complete market-oriented action mechanism, is a national cultural industry demonstration base with perfect supporting facilities, beautiful environment, and good social and economic benefits. It combines the modern printmaking workshop with the ancient Hakka village, forming a unique cultural element, and also provides the source of thought for the artist's creation. The printmaking village is not very big, but it has a literary atmosphere, which attracts a large number of printmaking lovers and photographers. Walk into as if walking in a certain or ancient lane, everywhere you see is a picture. Print Village entrance stands bright red "print village" three words!


Dafen Oil Painting Village look, it is said that here is the hometown of art, attracting artists from all over the world, here there are many talents, is a paradise for creation. Dafen Oil Painting Village is located in Dafen Station of the line, with convenient transportation and prosperous business. The morning appointment of Xia Xiaoyan was late again, and waited nearly an hour in the subway, but for non-professional non-amateur non-hobby non-interest travel friends, I have been very satisfied. Dafen Village is a village group under the jurisdiction of the downtown Buji Street. In 1989, Hong Kong painting dealer Huang Jiang came to Dafen and rented private houses to recruit students and painters to create, copy, collect and resell oil paintings in bulk, thus bringing this special industry of oil painting into Dafen Village. When talking about Dafen oil painting village, we can't but talk about Phuket town. Phuket town and, is China's four major oil painting lines base, the four bases have been parallel, and each has its own style. The town of Phuket is renowned for producing high-quality, high-end figure paintings.

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