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Ride first! "Book of Heaven" "Mount" guide detailed explanation

2018-01-05 03:12:00

Guan Yu has a red rabbit, Liu Bei has a Lu, Cao Cao has a shadow... The hero gallops the field, how can there not be a satisfactory mount? Big black "Book of Heaven" for the player to bring the most powerful spirit beast "mount", they will help you back and forth in the thousands of horses, battle the world! So, what are the characteristics of the "mount" of the Book of Heaven? How to cultivate it? SJC let's take a look at the introduction! Tools Book of Heaven 0411 Methods/Steps In Book of Heaven, the player can activate the "mount" system along with the main story guide, and get the first mount "Lu". Here, the mount adds a high level of combat power to the character, and after completing the story, the player can also obtain a "mount stepstone" to upgrade the mount. In "Book of Heaven", players can obtain the "mount climbing stone" through the main story, copy, and challenge the world BOSS. It takes about 3 steps to ascend from the first mount to the Bison, and about 10 steps to ascend from the Bison to the Ancient Wind Moon Wolf. Mount can add high combat effectiveness to the role, especially in this troubled world of three countries, having a quality mount can make you quickly become a loud warrior!