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Self-driving travel guide

2018-03-19 12:48:05

Before the 11th holiday, autumn is the most beautiful season, especially along the line, before the winter snow and snow, the snow mountains are towering, the lakes are quiet, and the meadows are golden, after the middle of October, it is possible to come to the cold air, perhaps the road ice and snow is impassable. Second, to avoid the peak of the long holiday, the accommodation and catering will have relatively high quality, and the photography point will not only photograph people. Starting from (3650 meters above sea level), passing through (3837 meters above sea level), (4487 meters at sea level), (Papangpa 4772 meters), (3800 meters above sea level), Tarchin (4700 meters above sea level), and finally to Zada (3700 meters above sea level), the whole journey is about 1,700 kilometers (including a return trip of more than 200 kilometers), in addition to some small sections, Most of them are flat oil lines. Some of the attractions are familiar to everyone, here I introduce the main photography viewing points from the beginning to Zada. These attractions, with the exception of Manasarovar at Tsiwu Temple, do not require admission. In the early morning, all the way to the west for about 2 hours, when we met the dawn to climb the first prayer flags flying pass, 4530 meters above sea level of the Zola Pass, the morning light will be the west direction of the clouds lit up, a group of stay in front of the peak, a long time refused to leave. Looking back, the black clouds came under the top, under the thick clouds, the wisps of crisp light jets out, illuminating the ridge and the valley floor of the plateau, the vague Tibetan village smoke curling up, the earth is calm like a pure land. This pass is a vast valley to the east and mountains to the west, which is the beginning of the initial experience of the plateau. From out, the county is about to enter the territory, the roadside has a large stretch of sand dunes, and a mirrorlike pool, the south is the mountains, the snow mountains, the north is the Gangdise mountains, blue lake, green grass, milky sand dunes and rolling snow mountains in the distance, dotted with several Tibetan residences. Here is the Maquan River basin, the view is wide, the Maquan River originates in the county's Jamayangzong glacier, it is the source of the Yarlung Zangbo River, known in Tibetan as Dangche Zangbo, at 4,800 meters above sea level. After arriving in the county, there are many places along the way can see Kailash snow mountain, in the Manasarovar Lake on the two hills of the Chi Wu Temple, viewing the Angle of the sacred mountain I think the best, the prospect of the vast undulating wilderness, the evening plateau from time to time will drift over a light rain, Kailash lofty and holy. The elevation of the hill is about 4700 meters, and the wind is a bit strong. The holy lake Manasarovar is located in the mountains "Namunani peak" north, Gangdisi Mountains "Gangrinpochi peak" south, the lake is 4588 meters above sea level, is the world's highest freshwater lake, it is recommended to stay one night in the Qiwu Temple, the evening can go up the mountain to see the sunset, the morning to the lake to see the sunrise, Namunani peak clouds rolling, close at hand. On a clear night, you can hike or drive to the top of the Qiwu Temple to take a thorough picture of the stars. 207 provincial road from Baga Township to the county seat, known as the "landscape avenue", a total length of about 100 kilometers, all black asphalt road, 2 lanes, there are 40 kilometers in the middle of the left is one of the three holy lakes of Manasarovar, the right is Laang Tso, and most of the section, is around Laang Tso lake, is sitting on the car can be a long and close view of Laang Tso, There are very few vehicles passing on the road, and from time to time you can stop to take photos, and the oncoming should be the Namuabi snow Mountain of the mountains. The lake is 4,573 meters above sea level. When the weather is good and the Angle is good, the road can also see the reflection of Kailash. Due to the lack of traffic on this road, if you pay attention, there are often wild animals on the ridge, such as Tibetan wild donkeys and Tibetan yellow sheep. Get a good Angle and use the snow mountain as the background. Known as "a place surrounded by snow mountains", when approaching the county, after a well-known oil village, the surrounding mountains are naturally weathered to form a tall red-brown sand wall, which is the first battlefield in history to fight against the invasion of the Semba people, and is also the most spectacular Angle to watch the special geographical features. The green villages, brown and red sand dunes, and white snow mountains form the color levels near and far, which are ancient and magnificent. Lowered to 3,900 meters above sea level, Tarchin is a small town under the snow mountain of Kailash, with only one street at the end of which you can wake up in the morning and face Namunani Peak at sunrise. It is about 4,700 meters above sea level. Out of Talchin to the 219 road (Shiquan River Road) to the west of the roadside, is the best place to see Kailash in addition to the mountain, looking for a pool of water, you can see the reflection of the sacred mountain. The clouds of Kailash at dusk are mysterious, different at different times, and the stairway to the sky can be clearly seen. Namunani, to the south, is also sometimes spectacular. At the foot of Mount Kailash is a gentle meadow, and when cattle and sheep return to their pens, there is often a beautiful scattering of light in the east, giving a glimpse. As far as this Angle of the Milky Way is not facing the snowy mountains, but occasionally a vehicle will pass by, or turn your headlights on, and take a picture of the starry sky. There are several scenic mountain passes on the hillside of the road before entering Zadar County, commanding, stretching more than 170 kilometers of Zadar forest, the most spectacular sunrise and sunset. I missed the Turin sunset because I went to the Guge ruins. It is about 3900 meters here. From Zada, there are many roads that stretch as far as the eye can see, as if to the end of the sky. The section of the road from time to time have interval speed measurement, it is better to stop and rest, pat interesting walk alone. However, be sure to be safe.