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Several ways to make money part-time without leaving home

2018-01-05 19:12:00

Many people do not know how to earn some pocket money in their spare time. Share some of my experiences with you


Method 1: Design to make money through your own design talent, such as ppt design, LOGO design, combined with some task release platforms such as Zhubajie, Weike, pocket part-time can achieve your purpose

Method/Step 2

Method 2: Information to make money by answering some questions of others, such as Wukong Q&A, score answer; By sharing your own experiences, such as experience

Method/Step 3

Method 3: Traffic to make money to create original self-media, such as, public number, etc

Method/Step 4

If you have excellent foreign language level, you can find some translation platforms with great freedom, such as Youdao, Translator, you can do some manual translation in your free time

Method/Step 5

Method 5: Network broadcast If you have a high level of appearance, high technology, or have a certain characteristic character, you can try the live broadcast industry to achieve the purpose, such as show live: YY, six rooms, Yingke Huajiao as the representative of game live: Betta fish, tiger tooth, battle flag, panda, dragon ball as the representative of sports live: live bar, Tencent sports as the representative of e-commerce live: Live, Jumei Live financial live: Zhiniu Finance, Orange Bull TV social live: a live, Daye interaction, Ha you live, all show happy

Method/Step 6

Method 6: Questionnaire Get cash rewards by filling out questionnaires, such as First Survey Network, Justice League

Method/Step 7

Method 7: Resale of second-hand items can be purchased at a low price, and high price can also be sold to deal with some unused second-hand items, such as

Method/Step 8

Method 8: Writing a Novel If you have a certain talent for writing, you can try to contribute

Method/Step 9

Method 9: Online tutoring such as in line, smell the problem bird, tutoring Jun