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Simple and practical eyebrow powder eyebrow four steps tutorial

2018-03-16 08:00:00

The eyebrows drawn by eyebrow powder are natural, there is no line sense of eyebrow pencil, giving people a fuzzy feeling ~ below to learn about the eyebrows powder eyebrow tutorial!


Eyebrow powder


The bottom line is stained with eyebrow powder. The darkest color depicts the bottom line of an eyebrow, which determines the shape of the eyebrow. The picture takes the natural flat eyebrow as an example.


Coat with a light brown eyebrow powder and dab it in the area you want. This step is just to determine the area of the eyebrow shape, don't be too careful.


Start at the base of the brow peak and trace the shape of the brow carefully.


Transition natural Dip in the darkest color to deepen the brow peak and brow tail color, the brow can be lightly swept with a spiral comb, so that the whole eyebrow color transition evenly, looking natural, eyebrow color from dark to light is: brow peak, brow tail. Eyebrow waist, brow.

Matters needing attention

If you want to be perfect, practice