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Six questions and answers about common eye surgery problems

2018-04-24 11:12:58

Eye plastic attention question a double eyelid surgery after the skin can matsushita come? A: Double eyelid surgery does not loosen the eyelids. As people grow older, the skin will slowly relax, so you must also pay attention to the daily maintenance of the eyes. Eye plastic surgery concerns two lines of eye bag surgery, is it a lifetime? A: Bags under the eyes is one of the signs of aging, with the increase of age, the aging of the body, the tissue of the lower eyelid will also aging loose, if lack of sleep, coupled with fatigue, will speed up the skin loose, bags will appear, if necessary, you also need surgery. Generally, proper care after surgery, the effect of eye bag surgery can be maintained for about 8 years. Eye plastic surgery concern problem three I want to do bags under the eyes, but many people advised me to be careful, because worried about eyelid ectropion, I want to know, pouch surgery often will this? A: Pouch surgery is the most delicate plastic surgery, requiring the surgeon to accurately determine the amount of eyelid skin, so that it can eliminate most of the obvious fine lines, tighten the loose skin, but not to affect the position of the eyelid edge, eyelash direction. Eye plastic attention question 4 Excuse me do open eye surgery can leave a scar? A: There will be marks immediately after surgery, but it will not be visible from the appearance after full recovery. Eye plastic surgery concern Question five line pouch surgery or double eyelid surgery need to rest? How long does the incision mark not appear? A: Whether it is pouch surgery or double eyelid surgery, the second to third days after the operation, the swelling is heavy, will cause eye fatigue, easy to tear, but after the fourth day will improve, you can see normally, work, although not removed, but has not affected the work. We advise you to rest for two or three days. The wound is not obvious after a month or so. The double eyelid (incision) will take some time to return to nature. Eye plastic surgery concern Question 6 I want to do double eyelid surgery, but I am afraid, does the operation hurt? There are no sequelae, will it affect the vision A: Everyone who receives surgery will have your fear and worry. In fact, double eyelid surgery and eye bag surgery, only when the anesthetic injection will have a little pain, but less than a minute, the anesthetic will work, and can last 2-4 hours, the operation is not painful.