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SLR camera which is good

2018-01-09 20:48:00

SLR cameras are becoming more and more popular, the price of some models has been close to high-end DC, 4000 yuan -6000 yuan can buy an entry-level SLR camera, many people will be tempted, but do not know how to choose, and do not know which is good, which brand is good, combined with my experience, I hope to provide some help.

Parameter selection



The higher ones are relatively good, there are 10 million, 12 or 14 million now. Professional will be higher


CCD size.


This is important for the SLR. Large is relatively good, the image is clear. 10 million is about 24mmx16mm


Focus distance. The bigger the zoom, the better. The smaller the minimum focal length, the larger the field of view, is a wide-angle lens, 18, 17, 12 mm, etc., mostly used for landscape photography; The larger the maximum, "the farther you can see" is a telephoto lens, which now contains 300, 400, 600 and even 800 mm lenses, mostly used for wildlife photography and sports photography.


The speed of continuous shooting,


The faster the better, the camera is generally about 1 to 2 pictures per second, and the SLR can reach 8 pictures per second. The professional will be faster


Speed (ISO)


The larger the value range, the better, and the larger the shutter range, the better. The slowest shutter of the SLR can reach 30 seconds or more, and the B-gate can reach 1/4000 or even 1/8000 seconds.


What's more practical is the lens group, the price, the accessories,


Battery life (continuous shooting * photos) Feel, workmanship, material.


Focusing speed


Shutter delay (generally 80ms-40ms), sensitive element work, high sensitivity noise reduction, two linear processing out of focus. Whether it is easy to run focus, anti-shake, color restoration, boot speed (generally about 0.2 seconds), image processor, white balance is accurate and many other indicators

How to choose a SLR camera



The entry-level body + sleeve head is generally 4,000 yuan - 6,000 yuan, the price of a set of advanced entry is about 10,000 yuan, a set of quasi-professional is about 20,000 yuan, and a set of professional cameras is over 30,000 yuan.


Picture size


The frame is distinguished by the size of the photoelectric sensor in the fuselage, mainly divided into APS and full width, there is an alternative - Olympus 4/3, the alternative size is the smallest, followed by APS, the largest is full width, that is, the same size as the previous film, the larger the better the more professional and the more expensive.




The body of the SLR camera can be combined with a variety of lenses, of course, to the same bayonet. If you like photography or want to develop this interest, you need to consider the camera brand lens group, the current Nikon and Canon main and auxiliary support lens is very large, the future according to the interest to choose large. SONY SLR cameras have developed rapidly in the past two years, but the lenses are too few and the price is expensive.


Auxiliary function


I think people who have not used SLR will be afraid of not playing it in the future before buying it, and hope to have a good LCD viewfinder, like ordinary DC can take pictures when you see it, just this point SONY does a good job. But using the LCD viewfinder consumes a lot of power. The optical viewfinder is very clear, you will like it after using it once or twice, I used to use ordinary DC, the viewfinder is not the key problem.