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Some classic routes on a bike

2018-03-17 06:24:00

Exquisite everyone is well known, to naturally go, but there are more other beautiful scenery, how to enjoy and play well? Bicycle travel is not only low carbon, but also can get rid of the pain of traffic jams, but also can enjoy the beautiful scenery all over, the following to introduce a few lines, let's have a look.


Natural Scenic Route - This route can enjoy many scenic spots on the Western Front, but also experience the exquisite mountains. Ride the mountain bike from Yugu Road through the botanical garden, in the green promenade, in the direction of Qu Yuan Fenghe. After turning into Yang Gong Di, pleasant ride on the avenue composed of plane trees, all the way through Zhao Gong Di, flower garden, Guo Zhuang, Dingjia Mountain, right turn into the mountain road at the eight pan Ling junction, to the direction of the hotel, to the Longjing road began to curve and climb, the asphalt road beside the mountain is covered by tall trees, the red leaves of maple trees dancing with the wind in autumn. After asking the archway of tea in Longjing, go straight downhill through Longjing Village, and perhaps you will smell the fragrance of farmhouse fried tea. Then there are nine rivers and 18 stone paths, deep mountains and dense forests, peaks and turns, but also accompanied by tea gardens and streams all the way. Experience the fun of mountain cross-country as you bump along the slowly descending marble road. There are nine streams on the way over the road, the big stones in the water are very smooth after years of washing, may wish to cart slowly through. After the last stream to Jiuxi smoke tree three fork, to the direction of Yangmei Ridge, the stone road winding, the road is gurgling water and towering metasequoia trees, the environment is very quiet. Li 'an Temple to Yangmeiling Village this gentle slope upward, until over the steep slope in the village after the intersection to Manjiulong Road, you can continue to climb over Wengjia Mountain after returning from Longjing Road, you can also downhill through Manlonggui Yu to Hurun Road and road.


Cultural and historical routes - For students and tourists in Hangzhou, the best way to visit enough museums and famous people's former homes in a day or two is to ride a bike. First of all, we must understand the general changes of Hangzhou, then the starting point of the ride is set as the city construction museum, a building during the Republic of China "Red building", located at the northeast corner of Qingchun Road junction. Nearby, Road 15, the former residence of Mr. shamenghai, is also well worth a visit. Continue to the west, cross the broken bridge and ride along the Bai Dyke. Near the mountain, there are art galleries, museums, yupingbo former Residence, Xiling Seal Society, etc. Turn into the Beilishan Road first ride by the Beili Lake, at the Expo Museum can enjoy the most outstanding exhibition of the 1920s, then stroll from the Bodhi House to the agate Temple at the foot of the gem mountain meditation meditation. Walk along the big stone slab of Green Road, morning glory on the wall of quiet villa freely and lonely open. North Mountain roadside, Qiushui Mountain villa, when the Republic of China newspaper history quantity for shenqiushui villa, is now part of xinxin meal. huangbinhong's former residence is on Ling Road behind Yue Temple, and don't forget it's closed on Mondays. Then there is Sui Lu, now the literature museum, where it is also good to sit idly and read. When riding to Zhao Gongdi, you can stop, because "live Wusong" gaijiaotian's former residence is in lane 26, ancestral home he called this white wall and black tile house "Yannan house", take Yanbei's sense of sojourning, since most of his life has been led on this. Riding down the road, you came to the museum, which is characterized by both nature and humanity, walking along the hall of a small model of the scenic spot, the visual feeling is like being in the town god Pavilion, the Jade Emperor peak, the pavilion, the ridge. Opposite the museum stands the former residence of pantianshou. Next, you can park at the intersection of South Road and Hefang Street, drink a cup of sour plum soup, and stroll through the dense halls and old, Dajing Lane. Downstairs is the huqingyu Hall, upstairs is the Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and walk to the History Museum at 18 Liangcao Road, Wushan Square, to better understand the city's past. Take the car, wear out the antique market, to the former residence of huxueyan, the late Qing Dynasty famous red top businessman's mansion, the past is so prosperous, catch the imagination.


Characteristic night riding route - Riding at night, the traffic gradually sprinkled with lights. At eight o 'clock in the evening, ride from Qingzhiwu into the north gate of the botanical garden, a road of trees and leaves, cool. Walk through the forest in the continuous sound of insects and frog drums, exit from the south gate of the botanical garden, then turn into the village of Bai Leqiao, feel the quiet tea field at the foot of the North peak. From the side gate of Lingyin Temple, along the main road of the scenic area under the Feilai Peak to the south, the silence of the night and the crowds during the day form a sharp contrast. In the shadow of the street lamp, through the Fayun ancient village, Xiaoxitian tunnel, to the gate of the Fajing Temple, along the winding tour road on the west side of the stream gently uphill, to the gate of the Faxi Temple in upper Tianzhu, and then up is the entrance of the Meiling Tunnel. The whole journey is about seven kilometers, the difficulty is moderate, the air in the mountains is cool and pure, and there is more laurel floating in the Mid-Autumn Festival and August, which is suitable for several bike friends to meet and ride gently and enjoy simple happiness. Traffic on Meiling South Road thinned after 9 p.m., and the light-filled avenue wound through the rolling mountains. From the tunnel mouth all the way downhill to the river galloping, the wind across the face, the tea fragrance people left behind, can not open only the shadow of people and cars. If you have a headlamp, you can also ride into the curtain of the night, into the Yunqi bamboo path or through the Yangmei Ridge may encounter fireflies. From Zhijiang Road to Hupao Road is already late at night, the pace of time seems to slow down; On the Su Causeway, the wheel like a ribbon across the bridge, looking across the lake, the other side of the gem mountain is the city of stars. More enthusiasts who love night riding, after seeing the long bridge and Leifeng Tower on the road are not satisfied, but also continue to ride south along Yuhuangshan Road, wearing a headlamp quietly began to climb the SLATE road of Yuhuangshan Mountain with a mountain bike, in the open place on the way, you can overlook the panorama, left Jiuyao Mountain, right view of the mountain, the whole city radiate light in the night.


Summer cool riding tour recommended - with such a good street tree, in summer many sections of the side are covered by shade, cycling is ventilated and can see the scenery.


Best route: Starting from the broken bridge of Beishan Road, to the west, the trees in this area are tall and dense, because the road is not wide, almost all day will not be exposed to the sun, so it is cool to ride here, especially to the xianggelila rice gate this section, there will be a very obvious feeling, this road is basically flat, and there is no red light, but pay attention to safety, Because there are no obvious bike lanes. This section of the best route can be extended to the dawn intersection, if too short, you can always go to Lingyin Road and continue to ride, cool degree is very good, even if the noon riding problem is not big. Similar sections of the road from the beginning of the road to the Long bridge Park this section, also good, there are obvious bike lanes, is more cars.


The smoothest route: of course, it is the Su Causeway, but the premise is not to rush to the peak of passenger flow, otherwise it is the most blocked line, the Su Causeway is basically covered by trees, there is no red light throughout, and there are 6 Bridges that can challenge their leg strength.


The longest route: is the Yang Gong Di, all the way scenery is good, the car is less, suitable for riding together.