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Surrounding tour: Qingcheng Mountain back mountain scenic spot

2018-01-09 06:24:00

Qingcheng Back mountain into the mountain is the need for tickets, but just to visit the ancient town, only need to pay parking fees.


Back Hill admission: 20 yuan


Parking fee: 10 yuan


The ancient town part of Qingcheng Back mountain is mainly more shops for eating, and the area for sightseeing is not very large.


To enter the back hill, you must first park your car in the parking lot of the ancient town. Tickets can be bought directly in the parking lot.


The ticket has a specific tour map of the mountain, you can refer to it. We can consider whether to walk up the mountain or do cable car up the mountain, friendly tips: walking is really a narrow road dangerous to walk carefully ah.


The most beautiful mountain is a variety of waterfalls, looking very refreshing in summer.


There are many tall mountains and rocks, which are suitable for taking photos. When taking pictures, pay attention to ah, the back mountain road is narrow, take pictures to pay attention to safety.


There are some friends who go up by cable car, I choose to walk. Some places although the scenery is very beautiful, but I can not take pictures, because it is too dangerous, easy to fall off the cliff, so I do not take pictures, but the general scenery is these two types: waterfalls, rocks.


After visiting Qingcheng Mountain, it is necessary to mention the nearby food, is a typical Sichuan food, spicy and fragrant, like friends can try.

Matters needing attention

The road is too dangerous, not suitable for children to go, be very careful.