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SWU: [919] How to apply for a Master's degree in the UK

2018-03-19 20:48:57

As competition for Chinese students has become increasingly fierce, many highly ranked universities have begun to set language thresholds for applications to some popular majors. If students blindly send application materials without knowing the situation, it is undoubtedly a waste of money and time. Second, don't neglect the subject. In British university courses, some courses have the same name, but the actual target is completely different. This point, you need to ask carefully when applying. Third, do not rely solely on university rankings. First, choose a major that suits you, then look at its professional ranking, and finally look at the overall ranking. In general, the overall ranking depends on the amount of research the university does, and the vast majority of students apply to Taught courses, not research ones. What's more, many universities have their own specialties. In fact, among British students, many universities that are overlooked by Chinese students are their choices, because they consider the location of the school as one of the important considerations. The fourth major choice should not blindly follow suit. The first two years of application are concentrated in MBA(Business science), and these two years are more concentrated in finance, law and business courses. Many students who majored in engineering are also turning to master's programs in finance and business. In fact, many universities in the UK have far better science and technology courses than their business courses. At the same time, these students can also choose engineering and other related courses, so that they do not completely abandon their four years of hard to study the major. When applying for a master's degree, remember not to just look at the university rankings and blindly follow the trend. According to their actual situation to choose their own university and major.