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Teach the bride-to-be how to choose a cheongsam wedding dress

2018-01-08 03:12:00

While Western-style weddings are popular, there are still many couples choosing traditional Chinese weddings. To hold a Chinese wedding, the bride must buy a set of Chinese wedding clothes that suit her. The most Chinese characteristics, the most able to highlight the unique charm of Chinese women's wedding dress, is the cheongsam. However, not all colors and styles of cheongsam are suitable for making wedding clothes, the following beautiful marriage Xiaobian take the prospective brides to understand how to choose cheongsam wedding clothes.


First, there are many colors of cheongsam, the wedding toast, the bride does not have to choose the traditional red, you can choose according to your age. Bright red cheongsam can set off the bride's calm temperament, suitable for slightly older bride-to-be; Young bride with fair skin, can choose rose red cheongsam, more youthful vigor; Brides with more subtle temperament can choose a dark red cheongsam; There are a large number of two decorated white cheongsam, can make the bride appear graceful and luxurious; Of course, you can also break with tradition and choose a deducted gold cheongsam.


Second, generally speaking, the petite bride can not control the cheongsam well, it is not recommended to choose cheongsam. The relatively thick body of the bride-to-be can choose X type cheongsam, can play a slimming effect, but also easy to move around. Many people believe that cheongsam has strict requirements for women's figures, and the bride wears the perfect ratio of knowledge and figure. In fact, this is not the case, the improvement of cheongsam can make up for the shortcomings of the bride's body, and still make you a beautiful bride.


Third, the choice of cheongsam fabric is also very important, now the autumn and winter season can choose brocade, can play a role in keeping warm, but also to support the gorgeous wedding. But no matter what season, try not to choose rayon and pure polyester fabric, easy to static electricity, will affect the appearance. In the design of cheongsam, it is best to choose the cheongsam with the opening behind. On the one hand, it is convenient to wear, and on the other hand, it is also convenient to transform, so that cheongsam can be worn after marriage and will not become disposable consumer goods.


With the development of The Times, cheongsam has undergone many changes in color, style and design. Designers skillfully combine Chinese and Western elements, so that the classical Chinese qipao also has a fashionable atmosphere. To treat the innovation of cheongsam, brides can set according to their own preferences, and absorb the elements of Chinese water show; If you feel that the cheongsam is too stuffy, you can add a layer of yarn in the cheongsam to make it more layered.