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The cat who loves Christmas

2018-03-02 04:48:00

Christmas is upon us! From guiltless cookie consumption, delicious food and cocktails, to plenty of family time, there's plenty to be excited about during the Christmas season. But Christmas's non-stop shopping, non-stop food preparation, and family time can all make the holidays a little stressful.




Dig through the trash in your attic for Christmas decorations and say, "We need to donate everything we have of ourselves or move into a new house and start over."


Putting decorations on a Christmas tree is indeed an art form. Your decorations must not only be perfectly separate, but also work together (without much of a sense of pairing) and not compete with lights or tree decorations. That's why it's so important to check your tree from everyone. Single. The Angle.


There's nothing better than a cozy blanket on the couch and some egg yolk wine (or mulled wine!). A plate full of Christmas cookies and your loved ones watch your favorite Christmas movie, not a Charlie Brown Christmas, an Elf Christmas carol or a nightmare before Christmas. Do you feel warm and fuzzy just thinking about it?


Cutting this impossible task from a straight line (just me?) To the folded crisp corner, wrapping gifts is really difficult. But each of us has a friend, who is ridiculous, in the gift wrapped up and has each one now wrapped up and ready to go before Christmas week. Of course, she likes to show off her packing and timing skills at all times.


Whenever it's your family's turn to host Christmas dinner, your mother probably cleans the house at least a week in advance, right? During that week, when you dare to wear shoes in the house, step a crumb or even a foot into the dining room, and she may give you this same, accurate look of a threat (don't get your socks dirty!). .


Sometimes the anticipation of waiting for Santa's paw to appear on your new toy is just too much to bear. Just trying to get the night to sleep, okay? (You won't)


Christmas Day: When you and your siblings step down the stairs at 5am (disturbing everyone in the house) and see the mountain of presents under the Christmas tree.


This is when you start to realize how much you actually have to do to cook the guests start arriving, and let's not forget how it feels before cleaning up and after dinner. Next year, let your sister carry the glory of Christmas dinner. It's really not worth it.


Your mom doesn't ask a lot considering that she took you for months, months, gave birth to you, and then spent 18 (plus) years raising you, you can put on a Santa hat once a year. Or a horrible Christmas sweater. Even an outfit that matches your sibling, * chills *.


When your super cool, loose cousin from California brings mint to the family Christmas party that moment, you have to pretend you are totally fine and 100% with it at the dinner table.


This page is taken from experience without authorization


We can't always get what we want, especially when distant relatives are shopping for us. When your aunt really gives you something that really doesn't want for Christmas (every year), you probably play with it for a while so her feelings don't get hurt... But then stare at it, like this kitten, as long as she doesn't look.