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The correct cleaning method of plate heat exchanger

2018-04-27 06:24:48

Industrial cleaning solutions for plate heat exchangers, air compressors, condensers, coolers and other heat exchange equipment.


F2 stainless steel/aluminum special cleaning agent


Circulating pump, PH test paper


Firstly, according to the heat exchange area and scaling thickness of the heat exchanger, the quantity of F2 stainless steel/aluminum special cleaning agent to be prepared is calculated.


According to the volume of the heat exchanger, prepare the container of the cleaning agent, which can meet the needs of the cycle. The inner surface of the container is required to be clean without oxidation layer or use a non-metallic container;


According to the internal circulation pressure requirements of the heat exchanger, prepare the industrial centrifugal pump for circulation, prepare the connection between the pump and the heat exchanger and the container, and make a flange connection and connect the road if necessary


According to the scale thickness or cleaning time to determine whether it is necessary to dilute the original liquid of Forstech cleaning agent, the dilution ratio can be controlled between 1:1 and 1:5 according to different circumstances


Pour enough cleaning agent into the container to start the cycle cleaning of the heat exchange equipment. The heat exchanger does not need to be disassembled and can be cleaned online


Due to the chemical reaction between the cleaning agent and the scale during the cycle cleaning process, obviously dissolved scale impurities and foam can be found in the solution tank


After cleaning for a period of time, use the PH test paper to test the cleaning agent. If the PH value of the test result is higher than about 4 to 5, it is necessary to add an appropriate amount of the cleaning agent stock solution to continue cleaning. At the same time, the inlet and outlet of the circulation path are exchanged for reverse circulation cleaning


During the cleaning process, the cleaning agent should be tested at all times, and the PH value should be kept within the effective range of 3 and there is no change for a long time, indicating that the heat exchange equipment has been cleaned


In the container for circulation washing replacement, the residue in the equipment has been stripped of scale and other impurities washed clean, the flushing process also need to exchange the inlet and outlet routes for repeated washing

Matters needing attention

The heat exchanger can be cleaned online


Note the PH value