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The most effective acne treatment

2018-04-23 20:48:16

Specific problem specific analysis, acne before the prophet to the cause of acne


Forehead acne: The main reason for forehead acne is because of too much pressure and anger, often stay up late. So try to control your emotions, avoid staying up all night, go to bed early and get up early.


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Acne on the left face: The main cause of acne on the left face is abnormal liver and lung function. So don't stay in the dream hot environment for a long time, and keep a good mood as much as possible.

Cause/Method 2

Acne on the right side of the face: The main cause of acne on the right side of the face is a lung fire, may have inflammation, often dry throat and cough. Therefore, you can eat more loquat and pear moisten the lungs and maintain the respiratory tract.


Acne around the lips: The main cause of acne around the lips may be constipation, which leads to the accumulation of many toxins in the body. So eat more high-fiber vegetables and fruits.


Eyebrow acne: The main reason for eyebrow acne is because of excessive exercise and chest tightness. So avoid spicy foods.

Cause/Method 3

Acne on the nose: The main cause of acne on the nose is excessive stomach fire and digestive system problems. So eat less cold food.


Alar acne: The main cause of alar acne is related to ovarian skills or reproductive system. So don't overindulge or abstain from sex, go outside and get some fresh air.


Chin acne: The main reason for chin acne is endocrine disorders, do not eat garbage, fried food, pay attention to the law of life.

Matters needing attention

Don't trust other acne products, not all acne products are suitable for everyone