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There are several tones in the ears

2018-04-25 00:00:20

There is no tone in the ears. 1, the flower or pod of a plant: flower ~. 2. Quantifiers. Used for flowers and clouds, etc. : a ~ rose. The red sky is ten thousand. Two, said wen Jie word ancient text: trees blossoming also. From wood, hieroglyphics. The buds that grow from trees. Wood as the side, pictographic characters. (1) The flowers that are put on the sideburns, bin du Duo. Duoyi [du yi] refers to the way of encouraging cheek to chew things: another name of yue du Duo white chrysanthemum. Also known as chrysanthemum. Cloud machine (also known as cloud making machine), as its name suggests, is a machine that can artificially make clouds. Whisper close to someone's ear so that no one can hear them: they bite their ears for a while.