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Thesis defense experience

2018-03-20 03:12:46

Every year in June is the time for universities to take the defense, and the score of the defense will affect whether they can graduate. So the defense is very important, a good defense can make everyone graduate successfully!


Defense ppt


Reply material


Defense ppt is the key to successful defense, the teacher is generally looking at your ppt to score. So choosing a good template is twice as effective. However, the ppt should not be too fancy, or all animated effects. Teachers don't look at your performance. University four years to make a good ppt is also the most basic. ppt ideas must be clear, you can do according to your paper ideas, but can not copy papers or large blocks of text copy, this is the most taboo. ppt is good or bad is whether it can make your paper clear or show the highlights.


The defense materials should also be prepared, and all the things related to graduation should be prepared: proposal report, literature review, foreign translation, assignment book, first draft, defense draft; And these things must be formatted strictly according to the requirements of the school, and the references must be recent years. The teacher cannot read all of them, so the format of the thesis, especially the defense draft, must be correct, which is crucial.


ppt must be backed up more. In the defense, there will often be ppt can not open the problem, this will leave a bad impression on the teacher, the teacher can not wait for you. You can bring more than one USB disk or put the ppt into the web disk, mailbox.


After the defense is to pay attention to their own speed and voice, to show confidence, this is also a test for themselves, the future work report is also like this. You can make an outline after the ppt is finished, and then go over it again, paying attention to control the time.


The answer to the teacher's questions must be well considered, and can not know all, so that the teacher may think that your paper is not your own work, which is very embarrassing. Teachers can't ask a lot of questions, so ask your classmates and teachers to look at the flaws in your paper or ppt before the defense, and prepare in advance.


The highlights of a paper will attract teachers. When the defense, I did a simulation that no one else had, and the whole defense was centered around this highlight, and finally I got excellent. So a bright spot is also crucial.

Matters needing attention

Graduation thesis defense must be paid attention to, it is a very important step


It is mainly the content of your paper, so be sure to be very familiar with the paper