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Tips for surviving an earthquake

2018-05-14 22:24:24

Earthquake is extremely scary for humans, large pieces of rubble, large pieces of earth and rock will swallow all living things, so a good way to escape when the earthquake comes is essential. I have personally experienced an earthquake, although not in the affected area but the sudden movement of the ground, it can be frightening. I remember that it was May 2008, we were preparing for the entrance exam in the classroom to review, suddenly felt dizzy, then the classroom table chairs began to move, the ceiling fan lights began to shake. The students upstairs rushed down one after another, Shouting: "The teaching building is collapsing!" I remember that it was only a short distance from the exit of the teaching building, but I felt that it took almost a lifetime. Fortunately, he survived. Since 2008, large and small earthquakes have come one after another, faced with so many geological disasters, how should we escape? Here are some tips for surviving an earthquake.




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First of all, it is necessary to have a certain understanding of the omen of earthquakes. Before a big earthquake, there are usually some signs. Said: groundwater anomaly, biological anomaly, earth acoustic anomaly, earth light anomaly, earthquake cloud, meteorological anomaly and so on.


Groundwater anomalies: muddy, bubbling, turning flowers, heating, discoloration, taste, sudden rise, sudden fall, spring suddenly dried up or gushing, etc. Biological abnormalities: cattle, horses, donkeys, mules: panic, do not enter the stables [jiu], do not eat, noisy, gang fighting, etc. Abnormal sound: underground sounds like cannon thunder, but also like heavy cars, wind and so on. Earth light anomaly: refers to the light from the ground before the earthquake, and its colors are diverse, and rare mixed colors can be seen in daily life, such as silver blue, white purple, etc., mainly red and white.


Secondly, learn some escape skills in an earthquake. When the earthquake comes, do not run like I said before, this practice is the most dangerous in the earthquake. Feel the earthquake, to use the bathroom, load-bearing wall, cabinet, table triangle space squat, do not jump. Cover your head with your arms and keep away from glass, doors, Windows and other objects that may fall. Turn off the electricity and gas when the shaking stops. Leave the building quickly after confirming that it is safe. Do not use the elevator, and pay attention to the tiles falling from the external walls of the building; Stay away from buildings, billboards, poles and power lines when outdoors. If you are in a car during an earthquake, do not park on the side of a mountain, try to avoid landslides, Rolling Stones, rivers, buildings, overpasses and power poles, and do not attempt to cross Bridges and caves that have been damaged.


If you're trapped under a building, don't panic. Following the previous instructions, you should be in a bathroom or other solid triangle space. At this time, you should try to keep your strength, and if you can't escape by your own ability, save your strength and wait for rescue. You can look around for something to eat or drink.


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