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Train ticket official website booking method detailed explanation?

2018-05-14 17:37:00

Everyone in the work after more than half a year, finally ushered in the Mid-Autumn Festival this beautiful festival, many people hope to return to their home as soon as possible, hope and parents, wife, children reunion, such a mood is a mood that everyone has, go home need to buy train tickets, I introduce to you here.




Train ticket official website


The way to enter the official train ticket online is to search directly, and the certified one is the ticketing official website, the specific website is []. Please keep in mind that in addition, in order to ensure the smooth purchase of tickets in online banking, you need to download and install the [root certificate], click on the download and install.


According to the above, you can click [online ticket user registration], so that two dialog boxes will pop up, we have to click [yes], and then need to click [OK], and then you need to enter the registration page, fill in your own information, the information must be true, after filling out [submit] is good.


After the above operation is completed, a congratulatory registration will come out, then open the mailbox filled in when registration, go to the mailbox activation, and then book. At this time, we need to enter the 12306 to the booking page, select the departure point, destination, we can now find all the eligible train, and then select the train you want, click on the reservation.


After we have done the above steps, we need to fill in the information of the good people [submit order] on the line, and now the Mid-Autumn Festival before buying tickets to fill in all the information, so that you can speed up their completion efficiency, I often do so, ha ha.


The following is about to complete all the operation, but I need to tell you that we must carefully check all the information of booking, very rich people are so wrong, we must seriously look at the future, we complete the check information, to determine it is good. Then click [Online Payment]


At this time, we can choose to have a good online banking, if it is a signed card can choose [] and fill in the online banking password [submit] on the line, and then appear congratulations to you, booking success, we must keep the order number in mind, in addition to the time to get tickets, I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival.