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Two ways to solve the problem of shortage of funds

2018-04-26 11:12:40

In our lives that, how to operate the small problem of the above title, Xiaobian is here today to share a little of my experience, to increase our experience, hope to bring you help.


Faced with the adjustment of national macro policies, the financing difficulties of some small and medium-sized private enterprises have become the bottleneck problem restricting the development of private enterprises. Looking at the shortage of funds in famous enterprises, it is nothing more than the following situations: First, enterprises need to expand production capacity and invest in fixed assets; Second, increase production, need to invest working capital;


Third, the diversified development of enterprises must be reinvested. In any case, when investing, companies should not blindly invest, but should evaluate the company and invest again. However, most enterprises are not like this now, and when they encounter the above situations, they decide to invest, which will cause a large amount of capital expenses, or break the capital chain of enterprises due to the shortage of funds.


The information illegally crawled from experience


From the perspective of the enterprises we have contacted, some enterprises are not short of funds, and the reason why there is a shortage of funds is that there is no scientific and reasonable use of funds. First, the appropriation of funds is unreasonable. The annual sales revenue of the enterprise is quite a lot, but most of them are receivables or other receivables, there is no cash flow, and there are funds that are not used in production, but are borrowed by other relatives and friends, forming other receivables


; Second, the inventory of a large number of raw materials, finished products. Because some enterprises are still extensive, the production is not planned, there is no coordination within the enterprise, production, sales, procurement, finance can not be good communication, inventory of a large number of raw materials and finished products, accounting for a large amount of capital; Third, there is no scientific and reasonable strategic development planning, but the blind investment and development of enterprises, blindly pursuing the "eggs can not be placed in one basket" effect, diversified investment, resulting in a waste of funds. These are the problems that make companies cash-strapped.


Every enterprise wants to make a big and strong, especially some private enterprises on the scale, the boss of the enterprise talks a lot about how to make the enterprise "make a big and strong", and often "make it the largest in Asia and the largest in the world", in fact, their so-called "make a big and strong" is only the pursuit of the surface of the large, the expansion of the amount of assets, and not a reasonable economic scale. Just to keep up with the face and invest a lot of money, resulting in capital precipitation. Rational investment planning does not mean not investing in fixed assets, but the rational use of investment.

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