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Water purifier marketing program

2018-04-27 19:12:45

According to the water purifier ranking network for many years of research on water purifiers, the experience summed up the following points: 1. From the point of view of the people, do not we go to buy any household appliances, for the brand is already the goal pursued by most families, but now everyone's brand positioning is not a product, the pursuit of foreign brands and product professionalism is a new direction for everyone, like some big brand water purifiers abroad. 2. No matter how good the enterprise is, it can only be strong if it develops with dealers. The investment and income of dealers can be completely proportional. Most consumers think that outdoor advertising and community activities are the fastest way to let consumers understand the product. You can make the market work better. 3. As long as your product quality is good, service is in place, and the price is reasonable, then local consumers will recognize it, and the word of mouth that passes information between friends will rise naturally. Many branded water purifiers have low prices and very poor quality, so that local consumers do not have any value to publicize, and ordinary consumers will not buy branded water purifiers, because water purification is related to the health and safety of the family, and the health problems of the family are still more important, so we not only have to ensure product quality, after-sales service must also keep up, In this way, word of mouth will soon spread, and there is a lot of referrals.