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What are internal and external networks

2018-01-06 01:36:00

What is an Intranet? What is the extranet? How can the Internet access the Intranet? Intranet, also called LAN. In terms of scope, the Intranet is a small part of the network. For example, the smallest and simplest Intranet is two computers connected by network cables, which is an Intranet. The general specific environment is the Intranet, such as the campus network of the school; Unit LAN, etc. Common Intranet IP addresses are and These are Intranet IP addresses. Intranet IP addresses cannot directly connect to the Internet. Extranet, also known as the Internet. In terms of scope, it refers to the global Internet. If you use a computer to surf the Internet in China and connect to the Microsoft official website in the United States, you need to access it through an external network connection. External IP addresses can be used for global connections. How do internal and external networks connect and interact? Generally through the router connection, the Intranet computer and the external computer address forwarding implementation. How do I access Intranet applications, such as Intranet OA website, SVN, database, remote desktop remote, and SSH, when there is no public IP address? This can be implemented through open network assistance, such as port mapping for nat123. The domain name is bound to the server on the Intranet, and the domain name can be accessed to the corresponding application.