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What are the advantages of a hair dryer?

2018-04-28 14:24:45

Hair dryer is a family essential supplies, after washing hair can help us dry wet hair, let's see what else is the use of hair dryer in life?

The beauty of the hair dryer:

Sometimes sticking plaster and band-aid, tear off the special pain when this time with the hot air of a hair dryer to blow the edge of the plaster, the plaster can be freely lifted off, no trouble at all, and no pain.


Clean water stains from the dining room table. Because the table is scalded by hot water or hot bowls, it is easy to generate water stains, which are difficult to dispose of with steel balls and rags. This is easy to remove with a hair dryer.


Remove water stains from bathroom mirrors. Sometimes after taking a bath or using the bathroom, the mirror will produce water stains, wipe to erase are not clean, you can use a hair dryer to blow on the mirror, you can easily remove the above water stains.


To help you blow out the wrinkles in your clothes. If the clothes are wrinkled, spray a little water on the clothes, and then dry the clothes with a hair dryer, you will find that the wrinkles on the clothes are a lot less, a kind of hanging ironing function.


Clean up grease in the kitchen. The kitchen is heavy oil, blow the hair dryer in the place of oil, with the heating file, heat the oil to a certain temperature, and then rub the hot side, the oil will soon fall down.


This information is taken from experience without authorization