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What are the advantages of the new culinary school's pastry?

2018-03-20 06:24:52

So what are the advantages of the new cooking school's pastry courses as more and more people learn it?


The school has a strong team of experienced teachers in the industry, and is equipped with high-end west point equipment. The teachers adopt different teaching models to ensure that each student can master the basic theoretical knowledge of baking and master baking skills. Focus on skills and research and development of the force of training, products close to the market trend.


The school provides employment arrangements for qualified graduates of this major, and recommends students to work in hotels and wine restaurants. They can be qualified for related catering jobs in hotels and restaurants, so that students can find employment upon graduation.


The school has advanced teaching equipment, comprehensive courses, foreign teachers, and enterprise teaching independent research and development of teaching, began in 1988, has many years of teaching experience.