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What are the benefits of teaching children songs?

2018-01-08 12:48:00

Children's songs are the best way to learn language and understanding ability, although children's songs are only a few words, and very easy to understand, but contain a lot of essence, is the best tool for baby cognitive language, the general children's songs are catchy, once the baby speaks, it is very easy to accept, and the general children's songs are more easy to remember, This brings a lot of convenience to the mothers, anytime and anywhere to teach the baby back a few songs.

Introduction to children's songs:

Children's songs are short "ballad" poems in the form of rhymes, which are suitable for young children to listen to and chant. I believe that every baby will go through the stage of singing children's songs: "Listen to mother tell the story of the past", "Lu Binghua", "small bench"... Although the children's song is only a few lines, shallow and white, it concentrates the essence of the child's language, contains the infinite charm of the beginning of the language, and can be used as a model for the baby to speak, laying the foundation for the baby's next development.


The content of children's songs is very close to the baby's life, the baby is easy to understand, easy to accept, memory, is the baby's language to understand the world's green channel, children's songs are not only short and concise, bright rhythm, strong music, easy to chant does not need to test the baby's patience, do not need to test the mother's perseverance, which baby is eager to learn, which mother is good to teach, no time and energy consumption, anytime and anywhere. END

How does the baby recite Tang poetry?

Children back Tang poetry, most of them do not understand, not rote memorization, confused, do not seek its meaning, is according to their own ideas to explain and understand Tang poetry, the result of this distortion of Tang poetry is often to make adults laugh, but the child does not understand what is going on, adults laugh often make children feel confused, very hurt self-esteem and interest, Therefore, it slowly did not have the freshness and satisfaction of the initial recitation, even if the recitation did not learn knowledge and get a sense of achievement, such an educational effect is self-evident, can be imagined. Children's songs are created for children, its content is close to the real life of children, the language is in line with the characteristics of children's recitation, vivid image, full of children's interest, catchy, easy to understand, children listen to understand, do not need parents to do too much explanation. In this way, when children accept it, they can recite it without deliberately remembering it. Children get a sense of accomplishment from it, and they naturally have enthusiasm for learning. Some children's songs take the correct norms of behavior as the content, so that children can establish good living habits, cultivate polite behavior style, and accept correct family education while reciting. END

Benefits of Tang poetry for babies:

Reading such children's songs, accumulated over time, the child's knowledge of why not grow? Through the most popular way of education, to get the most colorful knowledge, Mom and dad and why not?


Children's songs can also exercise children's numerical, calculation and other aspects of the ability. "A frog has four legs, two eyes and one mouth; Two frogs have eight legs, four eyes and two mouths; Three frogs, twelve legs, six eyes and three mouths..." Let's wait.


When the baby understands the content of the lyrics, he usually divergent thinking, the children's song to life, encounter similar problems in life, will be based on the children's song content association, to seek solutions.

Things parents should pay attention to:

Parents should pay attention to things, each child's language development level is not the same, can not take the child's weakness to compare with the advantages of other children, not other people's children 22 months can recite three hundred Tang poems, and your baby is still in the babbling stage, you are very annoyed, very worried, feel that their children where the problem, the child is not the same as the child, Do not compare, whether the child is smart is not to see whether the child can recite how many children's songs, but the need to look at the problem comprehensively. END