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What are the best linen hairstyles? Here are three hairstyles for you to choose from

2018-03-19 08:00:44

Flax has always been a fashion darling, but if you want to exude its charm, then you need to match the hair. Next for you to recommend three linen hair, whether it is Barbie big roll or seaweed small roll, change hundreds of matching linen, Japanese sweet girl is you!


Linen: Linen has long been a favorite hair color for many girls, whether it is straight, curly, long or short hair.


Hair A linen seaweed small curls slightly messy hair curls, smooth curves, plus a certain degree, the perfect combination of a very attractive curling style.


Two flax hair tail curled deep flax as the base color, light flax highlights, so that the hairstyle appears to have a unique charm, the contrast of the two colors makes the hairstyle more three-dimensional and layered


Barbie hair hemp hair has a soft fluffy surface, but the texture is dry and moist. Round three-dimensional silhouette, rolled from the root, inside MIX outside to create a fluffy and light curly effect. END