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What are the dangerous conditions to be aware of when driving in spring?

2018-01-09 16:00:00

Spring is the season when everything comes back to life. Thriving at the same time, there is also a howling wind, grass and trees flying dangerous weather. As an old driver, here to remind the novice, spring driving has the following matters to pay attention to:


Spring driving


Matters needing attention


Heavy wind and sand, heavy haze. In spring, sandstorms will occur in many areas. If you want to drive far, try to avoid such weather. When visibility is low, you should control the speed and workshop distance to avoid accidents. When driving in sandstorms or haze weather, close the Windows and open the inner cycle. It is best to open the air purifier to avoid air pollution in the car.


Park your car safely in windy weather. In windy weather, do not park under a tree, let alone under a billboard. Every year, there are reports of broken trees smashing cars, strong winds blowing down billboards smashing cars and other accidents.


There's a lot of newbies on the road. The season is warm, and many beginners who have completed their driver's license choose to drive during this period. If you are also a novice, you must pay more attention to the road, many novice and illegal vehicles mixed together, but also dangerous. Try to practice the basic skills well, so that the hands, feet, eyes coordination, but also have the ability to predict and stress response.


Keep your car clean. Spring germs multiply rapidly, owners should often clean up the garbage in the car, keep the car sanitary, to avoid the breeding of bacteria. Instrument panel and door and other places, to wipe frequently. Spring wind and sand, the car dust is also much, the respiratory tract will be affected.


Prevent spring sleepiness. Tired in spring and autumn, driving for a long time, or waiting for a long time, the sun through the window sprinkled on the body, warm, the most likely to cause sleepiness. If you feel sleepy while driving, you must find a safe place to take a nap for a while to avoid accidents caused by nodding off.


Resist the spring cold, prevent colds. Spring is cold and the temperature difference between day and night is great. Often driving, it is best to spare parts in the car coat clothes, drive in the morning and evening, take off when the noon is hot, to avoid catching a cold due to the temperature difference.


Prevent slippery and soft sections. If you are traveling by car, you must be careful to look at the road in unfamiliar areas, and slow down the road in the case of slippery sections to prevent sideswipe. Such as camping in the wild, parking must choose a good location. In some places, the frozen soil is hard at night, and it will melt and be soft when the sun is full during the day. After the vehicle sinks, it is easy to slip and idling, and it cannot leave the parking place.


According to the change of temperature, appropriate adjustment of car maintenance. If the temperature continues to rise, the original winter maintenance method should be adjusted in time. Winter oil is more viscous, tire pressure should also change, etc., you can go to 4S or repair, please professionals to deal with.

Matters needing attention

These are some of the things that should be paid attention to when driving in the spring, novice drivers should gradually understand some maintenance common sense, so that the car will be used for a longer time.