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What are the modern good electric sounds

2018-03-16 17:36:00

Nowadays, the development of music is also very broad, electronic music, is the use of electronic instruments and electronic music technology to produce music, it is full of rhythm, very popular with many young people


A music software


"Faded" is a tune that Faded with an electric basic melody as its main complement, and Faded with an ethereal female voice through the original author Aylan Walker, making the electric melody even more beautiful under the interpretation of the female voice. After the integration of the drum explosion as a fire of hot rap, so that the ethereal female voice has a stronger reliance, so that the electric sound of the fire more sufficient, so that the tension of the song is more obvious, so that the changeable male and female voice strength coordination more rhythmically beautiful


Chris Martin -- "Something Just Like This" "Something Just Like This" is a song by the American electronic music group The Chainsmokers and the English rock band Coldplay. The song is popular all over the world because its melody and lyrics resonate with fans


"Monody" is a song by TheFatRat and Laura Brehm from the album Monody. The song was composed by Christian Bruttner, John Dang and Rajan Khanijaon.


"ANIMALS" is an electronic recording by Martin Garrix, used as the background music for Wild Ride 8: Top Speed. The song reached the top ten in more than a dozen countries and reached number one in Belgium, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

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