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What are the small capital investment venture projects?

2018-03-19 04:48:07

The choice of entrepreneurial projects varies from person to person, and you can't blindly look at others to make money to do other people's projects. Because someone else may have his particular experience. I am a serial entrepreneur "Internet person". I have done Internet online projects and offline entities. I am currently planning online joint operation mode projects.


Certain knowledge, the so-called Tao.


Certain manipulative skills, the so-called art.


Car beauty and maintenance. This is a project that I have worked on myself and it is very profitable. Let me look at this project from two aspects.


We have to think about some questions, 1, which areas of the city are willing to do car wash maintenance services? The rich part of town? 2, which face is suitable for car beauty? Is it always best to shop along the street? I want to say not necessarily, the car must come in, it is best to give the car queue space. 3, why people will enter your shop car wash? How can you compete with the car wash next door? 4. Where is the profit margin? Most of the profits are in beauty? Yes, beauty is money, but car washing is also very profitable ah, I did not do beauty at the beginning, directly do car washing, even accessories do not sell. Simple and crude, and the result is a boom in business. Because I focus.


The second project is what my friend is doing, fruit. Can you believe 100% profit on fruit? I just began to say, not to say that the profit is high to do, don't you see a lot of fruit serial closure? So what to do with fruit? Must open the entity, no entity, start-up costs are greater. The way to increase profits is to make fruit platters and use the Internet to make takeaways. Be sure to choose an area where young people gather, CBD, new residential areas with high occupancy rates. The best way to beat the competition is cheap + door-to-door service.


Third, the flower business. This is also a project that I have been involved in. The profit on flowers starts at 200%. Can you believe that? Like fruit, you have to factor in the cost of wear and tear. In terms of operation, shop location is very important. If you do not understand the Internet trading skills, it is important to choose a shop in a crowded place. Of course, in addition to location, using the Internet to find customers is already a big source of income.


Fourth. Unlock. 1000% profit. You're okay with that? Is it hard to learn how to pick a lock? I used to do local services like unlocking Internet locks, unclogging toilets and fixing home appliances. It was good. I passed it on to someone else. The only thing you have to pay is to stay in a place and not leave. 15 minutes to be on the spot, or they'll be killed.

Matters needing attention

Don't trust anyone's advice. Learn to think for yourself.


Every project has a core competency, which others will not tell you, you have to discover yourself.


The website "Internet People" has very detailed advice and tips for getting rich