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What are the songs suitable for students in Grade two or three of primary school

2018-01-08 09:36:00

1, the first grade "Light rain Shasha" "Light rain Shasha" is a song describing spring rain, through a large number of onomatopoeia image to show the charm of spring rain, children in listening to understand the voice of spring rain, feel the charm of spring. 2, Grade Two "Where is Spring" "Where is Spring" is a song that is loved by children. It sings the beautiful spring in an innocent and lively tone, expressing the feelings of infinite joy in the hearts of the children and rendering the beautiful scene of spring. The song blends soft tones into bright colors, giving people a bright and intimate feeling, revealing the theme of the song - spring. 3, the third grade "The field is calling" "The field is calling" this song with children's naive and lively tone shows the joy of everyone to go outing in the spring full of vitality, expressing the boundless love of children for the beautiful nature. In the process of singing, students feel the clear and happy mood of the song. To cultivate students' learning interest and enthusiasm for Haruhi songs, inspire students to experience the youthful atmosphere in the light and lively music, and arouse students' love for music, nature and life.