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What brand is the snake head bag

2018-01-05 09:36:00

The snakehead bag is branded Bulgari. Bulgari This is a luxury brand, has more than 100 years of history, in the 19th century, Bulgari like to use the snake shape in all the major jewelry. Serpenti Forever, Serpenti is the meaning of snake in Italian, and it is also the representative symbol of this century-old brand, just like Cartier's dedication to leopards. Last Christmas, BVLGARI hung one of her classic snake necklaces on the building. Bulgari BVLGARI was founded in 1884, is an Italian jewelry brand, and everyone is most familiar with the brand of leather is born in 2012 snake head bag Serpenti Forever, Serpenti in Italian is the meaning of snake, is also a symbol of this century-old brand. Just like Cartier's obsession with leopards. Observe the detail changes of the authentic LOGO letters and remember their characteristics to help identify the bag. In addition to the above characteristics, the letters also have the feeling of being stretched horizontally. Leather LOGO, the rubbing of the genuine product is very neat, the hot stamping of the English logo is very clear, and the space between the letters is consistent. Use your fingers to touch it, you can feel the concave and convex feeling. The imitation is obviously the font of the font library, and there are problems that the letter rubbing is not clear and the character lacks three-dimensional sense.