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What do clothing employees do before leaving work 01

2018-01-10 00:00:00

In clothing to work, every employee must clean up their work after work, so that they can feel comfortable and start a new day of work tomorrow, then what should be done? Here is my experience.


Garment worker


Take off your costume and hat. After a day's work, I was very tired. After work, I took off my clothes and work cap, cleaned them up, and put on my own clothes.


Take off your shoe covers. The wear of shoe covers is in the wear to maintain the ground health, go home to keep it in the storage cabinet, do not wear home oh.


Turn off the lights and turn off the machine. Turn off the machine as soon as you finish the work, it is a good habit and a good economy, if found may lead to fines.


Take out the trash. Work a day produced a lot of garbage in the trash can, be sure to clean, flow down a good sanitary environment, at the same time their work around the ground should also be cleaned.


Clean up machine hygiene. The machine is the rice bowl tool of the house, the machine is not good at hygiene, it is easy to go wrong, must be cleaned up after work, and can set up Hummer function again tomorrow.

Matters needing attention

Be careful to finish all before leaving work.