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What do I need to do before the MBA Math Joint Exam - Blackstone

2018-01-10 03:12:00

Mathematics is a compulsory subject in the MBA joint examination, so it must be good to review mathematics before the exam, of course, blind review is not feasible, so it is necessary to do some related work before the MBA mathematics joint examination in order to better review.


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First of all, the real question is the sprint stage, so the real question is a better choice, through the real question can understand the content of the exam over the years, the framework, the difficulty and so on. You can brush several times the real question, write down what you don't understand and what you have done wrong, and then systematically review and practice, which can intuitively improve your level of doing questions.


Secondly, we need to use our brains, hands, pens, and mouths. Many times, when we listen to a lecture, we think we understand. But understanding does not mean mastery. When listening to a lecture, do not just like watching a movie, lying in bed or on the sofa, no pen and paper in hand, just listen, do not start. This kind of listening efficiency must be very low. A good memory is not as good as a bad pen, so be sure to remember more, read more and use your brain, not just look at the finished thing.


Before the MBA math joint exam, devote yourself to learning and focus on this matter, so that the learning is more impressive, and it is not easy to wander. To be good at thinking and summarizing, the more in-depth the knowledge, the more times, the more profound the learning. If you listen to a class for an hour, think with the teacher and do problems together, the efficiency may be more than three times that of others who just listen to the class. This whole-hearted approach to learning is especially important when time is limited. Human memory can be divided into auditory memory, visual memory, motor memory and mixed memory according to the sensory and perceptual channels used in memory process. Don't just use auditory memory as a channel. Before the MBA Mathematics joint examination, it is very important to understand all points of knowledge, do not stay on the surface, if the basic things are not mastered, to learn more comprehensive and deeper knowledge, such learning is completely mechanical. Once the question type changes even slightly, it will not be done immediately. Many times, people will think that it takes a lot of time to understand every little knowledge point. It doesn't take much time to understand every point. The basic knowledge is often relatively simple, and the basic knowledge used in the MBA exam is what everyone has learned but forgotten now. With a little review, it can be immediately retrieved from long-term memory. In fact, I think it's a lot more effective and saves me the time to go back and forth. MBA mathematics joint exam before, do the right amount of questions, question sea tactics is not recommended. I suggest that candidates regularly think and summarize, for each knowledge point, each type of question and so on. In the analysis of wrong questions, but also in the omission to fill the gap. Never run blindfolded without summarizing.


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