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What do I need to prepare before moving into my new house

2018-03-16 19:12:00

There is no doubt that the house we have just renovated should be treated with formaldehyde, and we should not say that the building materials in our home are very environmentally friendly, basically there will be no formaldehyde, this statement is unscientific. Because in theory, China's building materials have not yet achieved complete environmental protection, including foreign building materials, so do not believe that building materials are completely environmental protection and similar nonsense. So how to remove formaldehyde after decoration, what do you need to prepare for the new house before moving in?


Salt water in the new house uses the characteristics of formaldehyde dissolved in water, we can put a few POTS of salt water in each room, the room of a large number of pungent smell to absorb.


Indoor ventilation with herbal spray treatment Everyone knows that formaldehyde is a volatile substance, so we can use this, open the doors and Windows of the room, make the air convection in the room, with herbal spray treatment, remember to close the doors and Windows at night to avoid theft.


When the indoor temperature is high, the rate of formaldehyde volatilization is usually very slow. If we want to make it volatilize as soon as possible, we can only turn on the air conditioner for an appropriate amount of time to increase the indoor temperature to accelerate the volatilization rate of formaldehyde.


We can use some tools that can have a strong odor adsorption effect to improve the indoor atmosphere quality. Now more is activated carbon. About 50g of activated carbon per square meter can play a good adsorption effect on formaldehyde, but at the same time, the exchange of activated carbon should also be careful, usually once every 7-8 months.


Green plant adsorption method is also a good choice. After a large number of observations and studies by scientists, many green plants such as spider plants, fairy palms, tiger's tail orchids, iron trees, chrysanthemums and so on have a strong ability to absorb formaldehyde. These plants in the useful absorption of formaldehyde at the same time can also be used to decorate the room, is one of the common essentials of removing formaldehyde in the new house.


When the air quality of our new home is no longer a problem and the humidity is not enough to affect our health, we are ready to move in. It is recommended that if your house has just been decorated, then remove formaldehyde as soon as possible, so that our stay time will be faster.