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What does nongonogenic urethritis eat good Chinese medicine?

2018-04-24 06:24:48

What does nongonogenic urethritis eat good Chinese medicine? The most fundamental reason for male urethritis is that bacteria invade the male urethra, infected with some bacteria, affecting the urethra and the surrounding glands are infected. Male bad living habits: men have yin habits, excessive sex, smoking, drinking, and through tight underwear, cycling for a long time, horseback riding, long-term indignant catheterization, urethral foreign body, etc., will make the urethra pressure, damage, resulting in local congestion, ischemia, hypoxia, so that the resistance of the urethra mucosa decreased, prone to infection, causing male urethritis. Neighbor infection: male urethritis may be due to urethral neighbor inflammation, such as: prostatitis, due to pathogenic bacteria hidden in the deep tissue, as well as hidden in the urethral crypt, paraurethral glands and other parts, so that yao is difficult to fully kill it, leaving behind the rehabilitation of the future, long-term inflammation zheng stimulation, will cause male urethritis. Immunocompromised men, such as glycosuria, tumors, liver disease, malnutrition or other chronic diseases, may cause male urinary tract inflammation, and the treatment of urethritis also cause many difficulties.