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What does the assistant engineer say

2018-03-19 09:36:37

Assistant engineer how to comment, I believe that many friends in the work are very interested in this problem, the following to introduce to you, hope to help you.


In the work unit, you can directly evaluate the unit.


Go directly to the local social bureau evaluation or find a regular agency evaluation, generally go to the human and social bureau to handle this evaluation is the highest gold content, and the social circulation is better.


First of all, go to the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau to obtain the "Professional and Technical Qualification Assessment Form", "Employment Qualification Examination Form", etc., as required to fill in, generally with instructions to fill in the form.


Write a summary of professional and technical work, provide work performance certification materials, original and photocopies of academic certificates, and other supporting materials specified in the documents.


By the human resources and Social Security Bureau professional title evaluation working group review, review or record completion, publicity, certification.